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Job Information
Author 41SvcBn
Date December 22, 2017
Type Full Time
Company 41 Service Battalion
Salary 7000 - Per Hour
Location Edmonton, AB
Category Government
Client Canadian Executive Service Organization
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Want to add a few thousand dollars to your income doing part-time work?

Paid Training toward becoming a Transport & Equipment Operator. Learn how to fire a machine gun and throw hand grenades!

Dental Benefits & Education Benefits! A Pension!

What are you waiting for? Challenge yourself!

In the Army Reserve you work part-time within your community. You are not posted to another city or required to do a military relocation.  We are a part-time component of the Canadian Army which is trained to augment the Regular Army and aid civilian authorities during crisis or emergency situations (floods, ice storms, forest fires, etc). However, you can volunteer to move to another Base. You may also volunteer for deployment on a military mission within or outside Canada. As a Reservist, the choice to go is always voluntary.

There is no career more challenging or rewarding than serving in the Canadian Armed Forces. You will receive world-class training, develop leadership skills and make great friends along the way. There really is no other career quite like it.

Income & Benefits

We pay you! Rates increase after courses are completed, you are promoted and as you gain experience in each Rank.

All uniforms and equipment are provided at no cost.

Free meals and accommodations during weekend field training, summer training, deployment training and deployment.

Extra pay is earned while on field, summer or deployment training, and deployments.

Travel assistance may be available to you depending on how far away from the Armoury you live.

There are education reimbursements available through the Canadian Armed Forces. The Logistics Branch, Royal Canadian Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Branch and our own Service Battalion Society have scholarships and bursaries that may be applicable toward your post-secondary education.

Dental coverage (for most items) is 90%, Health Care Premiums are reimbursed and you will contribute toward a Pension which provides financial and health benefits when you retire.

Plus! This just in…we guarantee that for the first 4 summers that you are a member of the Reserve, you will be provided with full-time employment (if you are available) completing training or assisting with courses for other soldiers. It is not mandatory at all but if you are attending University, College or a Technical School, we can help you with the costs by providing you with employment, meals and accommodations.

Are you still reading? Great! There’s more.


A successful candidate must:

  • be a Canadian Citizen
  • have completed at least Grade 10 or Secondaire IV (in Quebec)
  • have parental consent if under age 18
  • meet Canadian Armed Forces medical standards
  • successfully complete selection process, interview and examinations
  • pass physical fitness tests

The Canadian military is one of the most highly trained and respected forces in the world. Above all, the Canadian Armed Forces values strength of character and team contributions. This means that regardless of your gender, religion or ethnicity, the Canadian Armed Forces invites you to be a part of its team and to explore the opportunities it has to offer.

The Canadian Armed Forces has also taken great strides in safeguarding the equality of women. By adopting a “no exclusion policy,” it has become one of the only militaries in the world to remove all barriers to full and equal service for all its members. This means that women have the opportunity to work any job in the Canadian Armed Forces.

CSS Trades are in search of Drivers (Mobile Support Equipment Operators or MSE Ops) to move supplies such as food, ammunition, fuel, engineering assets, and soldiers. You will train as a part-time soldier and learn how to operate various trucks and types of equipment, how to dispatch, coordinate logistics prime movers, and conduct fleet management. Reserve MSE Ops are trained on a number of vehicles including counter-balance lift trucks, and Light, Medium and Heavy Transport Vehicles including Buses, Tractor-Trailers & Refuelers.  Additional courses include Ammunition & Explosives Transportation, Driver Instructor, Driver Examiner, Air Brake Instructor, Collision Investigator, and many more. The MSE Op Trade is one of the most diverse Trades in the Reserves and in high demand. There are always opportunities for “extra” employment working with the Infantry, Artillery & Armoured Regiments. We are located at Debney Armoury, 8403 Roper Road in Edmonton. Regular training is from September to May on Wednesday evenings, one Saturday a month and one weekend a month.

Not a Movie

What you see in the movies is not what the Canadian Armed Forces is. You will learn how to push yourself physically and mentally to new heights. You will learn how to work as a cohesive team to achieve assigned tasks. You will be taught basic military skills like preparing your uniform, military drill, camouflage, map & compass, service rifles, hand grenades and NATO Orders Format. You will be taught how to survive in the cold and the heat. You will learn skills specific to your Trade. You will be tested. You will be cold or tired and sometimes both. You will learn how to instruct, mentor, lead, plan and manage. To become a “citizen soldier”, a “weekend warrior”, a Reservist, takes commitment, loyalty, training and effort. As a result, the Canadian Armed Forces is renowned for being a well-trained, effective force in domestic, humanitarian and combat operations.

Our next Information Brief is scheduled for 7:15 p.m. on Wednesday the 28st of Feb 2018 at the Debney Armoury, 8403 Roper Road in Edmonton. Attendance is not mandatory but highly encouraged!

41 Service Battalion Homepage


If you are interested in attending, please provide your name, phone number and e-mail address. If you are unable to attend the Brief, ask me how you can begin the application process.

This is the first of many steps. This is real. If you are not really interested, then please do not complete the Application. If you aren’t ready to fulfill the enrolment requirements, then please do not do anything. If you are not prepared to wear a uniform, work a part-time job and continuously train and work toward becoming a Reserve soldier, then this is not for you and please move on. The Reserves is not looking for people that do not want to put any effort into anything or have a low desire to succeed. If that is you, please do not apply.

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