Aboriginal Entrepreneurs Give Back to Aboriginal Children

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Vancouver, April 11 – A new partnership could mean a more promising lifestyle for children and young people, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, across the country.

NationTalk, a division of First Nation Tel, has announced that it is partnering with Orca Spirit Publishing and Communications, Inc. (Orca) in a project to promote better health and education for children and youth in Canada’s inner cities.

Orca recently published the best selling book Dances with Dependency: Indigenous Success through Self-Reliance and its author, Calvin Helin, has committed a portion of the books’ profits to a non-profit society, the Shudokan Karate and Education Society.

The purpose of this society is to assist impoverished children, inner city school kids, and adults in learning discipline, manners, a healthier lifestyle, and the importance of higher education through training in martial arts. It is thought that karate training and study can teach discipline, manners, and instill self-confidence.

NationTalk and Orca are working together to promote Dances with Dependency, since more sales will mean more support in meeting the goal of providing maintain to the program.

Dances with Dependency is an impressive book that has been widely touted as, “The most important single piece of literature and analysis for moving indigenous people forward.”

Helin wrote, “The tears and broken hearts of thousands of mothers and grandmothers should be enough to convince anyone that action must be taken now.”

A 64-year-old Aboriginal blogger wrote, “Thank goodness your Grandmother set you on that course [to seek to better the plight of Indigenous people]. What you had to say in this book probably should have been said years ago and now we finally have someone with the guts to write about it.

“I think that all our people should read this book. Even though I am now 64, reading Dances with Dependency was another eye-opening experience for me. I’m still learning after all these years.”

The book has also received excellent reviews from various well established news sources across the country.

“… An important new book…while not glossing over the gloom, it offers a refreshing message of hope and a strong call to action.” – The Province,

“… This 300-plus page book is filled with hope and written out of deep love and concern for Aboriginal people” – The Toronto Sun,
“… A challenge for Aboriginal people to recover their pride and self-sufficiency and deserves to be widely read by …politicians, and by Aboriginal leaders as well.” – News Leader & Pictorial, Prince George Free Press, Peace Arch News,

“… Sugar coating nothing. While recognizing and acknowledging the historical reasons and complexities behind the numerous social dysfunctions in Canada’s Aboriginal communities … Helin says none of that will change until Natives stop pointing the finger of blame at others and start to take responsibility for their own futures.” – The Calgary Sun,

“[Helin] wants Native people to move forward by reclaiming traditional values of autonomy and self-reliance… to shift his people’s focus from grievance to independence through education and economic development … the current handout model is unsustainable as the Native population continues to grow.” – The Globe and Mail.

Nation Talk President, Don Barraclough is excited about the new partnership.

“The fact that the money used from the sales of this Canadian best seller is going to such an important cause is what initially brought us to the table,” said Barraclough. “The money raised, as well as the important issues raised in Dances with Dependency, reflect NationTalk’s mission, which is to get all stakeholders in the Aboriginal community, whether Aboriginal or not, communicating on a higher level.”

Barraclough believes, “The increased level of getting people talking, sharing ideas and finding common ground can only result in actions that will eventually cure what has continued to ail our people.”

NationTalk is a communications company that effectively distributes Aboriginal employment opportunities, tenders, press releases and other information to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community stakeholders across Canada. Our ultimate goal is to bring more positive exposure to all Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, organizations, businesses and government leaders that participate successfully within our communities and economy.

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