Completion of a Business and Operational Plan that will provide a well designed plan for the establishment and operationalizing of the WFN-Indigenous Interprofessional Primary Health Care Team

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Mess Completion of a Business and Operational Plan that will provide a well designed plan for the establishment and operationalizing of the WFN-Indigenous Interprofessional Primary Health Care Team
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Request for Proposals (RFP)

Completion of a Business and Operational Plan that will provide a well designed plan for the establishment and operationalizing of the WFN-Indigenous Interprofessional Primary Health Care Team

1.  Summary

This RFP is to identify a qualified and experienced health/business planning consultant who will develop the completed business and operational plans for the Wasauksing First Nation’s Indigenous Interprofessional Primary Health Care Team submission to the Ministry of Health and Longterm Care.  The submitted proposal for this stage of planning will include an outlined process for the development of strategic plans; program plans, service plan; human resourcing organization; information technology assessment and evaluative planning indicators, as well as how to determine future design/architectural fees for renovations/additions.

2.  Background

Wasauksing First Nation (WFN) is located on the eastern shore of Georgian Bay in Lake Huron, approximately 5 km off highway 69 and 3 kilometres southwest of Parry Sound. Parry Island is the second largest island on Lake Huron with of a land base of 7,874 hectares (19,457 acres). The Ojibway/Potawatomi community has approximately 1,200 community members with approximately 400 members living on-reserve; 200 Non-members, as well as seasonal cottage occupants residing on the leased lands and the area of Salts Point, that totals 90 acres and is located at the easterly sector of the island.

Preparation has been on-going over the past several months to ensure that the support, background documents and the completed initial application met the call date.  The Wasauksing First Nation is now awaiting the decision of the review committee to move further through the process of request for and funding of an Indigenous Interdisciplinary Primary Healthcare team.  The request for applications was announced in June 2017, closing date of September 8, 2017 for initial the initial applications.

Please be advised that funding for this proposal call is contingent upon the success of the submitted “Indigenous Interprofessional Primary Care Team Developmental Funding Application” and the “Indigenous Interprofessional Primary Care Team Application” totalling $36,000.00 (12 week timeline).

3. Requirements for Proposal Preparation and submission

The proposal should be prepared in MS Word (.doc/docx) or .pdf.  Examination of the proposal is an indication of the bidder’s ability to organize the relevant and important information across succinctly and accurately. At minimum, the proposal should include a description of the consulting firm/business, an overview of the firm’s project team and its expertise and experience (please note: experience with comparable projects), a description of the project approach and methodology, budget and timelines with milestones and per diems for each project team member. Please also provide at least two references for comparable projects with permission to contact.

Further to the aforementioned “requirements”, the proposal for RFP stage needs to include the following:

  • Narrative introduction of personal/professional background and experience in the drafting, completion and success of previously written and submitted works for similar health teams to differing levels of govenment;
  • Provided curriculum vitae as appendices; as well as the provision of professional portfolio with samples of previously completed works.
  • Outline in narrative and in timeline format the proposed process of engagement with Chief/Council representation; Health Staff; Health Committee; Social Services Committee and community representation into “consultation work group”.
  • Clearly outlined important intersective points of contact with external partners both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous.

4. Scope of Work

The completed business plan for the WFN-Indigenous Interprofessional Primary Health Care Team will require inclusiveness of the following:

a. Governance and Accountability Structure

b. Traditional and Interprofessional Primary Care Services-Strategic Plans


  • Plans on how the team will ensure and monitor culturally safe care provisions and how they will contribute to address inequities and disparities in health;
  • Overview of current tracking tools and practices that are done in a respectful manner and as such can be meaningfully reported on.

Services and Specialized Programs-for each proposed service/program

  • How the program will address population health requirements and social determinants of health; the needs and service gaps that they will address; location of the program/service.
  • Identification of key milestones and timelines for the “roll-out” of the described services/programs; description of how to measure the success and plans for on-going improvement.

c. Human Resources

List existing and proposed staff with assigned FTE’s; to include job descriptions and required qualifications; listing key milestones and timelines for staffing recruitment plans, for providers already committed indicate approximate commencement date with an attached letter of commitment.

d. Collaborative Team Practice

Identify how the traditional interprofessional team may contribute to the overall objectives of the Indigenous IPC Team objectives; identify and justify any training requirements that would support and enhance collaborative care.

e. Physical Location(s)

  • Specify location(s) where services may be provided;

f. Information Technology

  • Be able to describe current IT systems being utilized by the community health system and readiness of WFN to acquire the necessary Clinical Management System (CMS)/Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and/or Telehonecare Program;
  • Indicate further key milestones and anticipated timelines for full implementation;

g. Other Programs

Identify key milestones and estimated timelines for implementing plans for any research; teaching or other programs not already discussed.

h. Evaluation

Description of plans for evaluating the IPC Team’s effectiveness, or how the Team is achieving its intended goals and objectives according to the strategic plan.

The completed operational plan template will be provided and will present an annualized budget based on the completed Business and Service Plan.

a. Service Plan

  • Details of program and services provided and the allocation of Interprofessional Health Providers;

b. Operational Budget

  • Reflect the principles of sound financial planning and management;
  • Specify the relevant components being contributed by community partners within Operational Plan.

5.  Contractual Terms and Conditions

The Wasauksing First Nation possesses a standard service contract format that we use for contracts, but the organization will consider other contract formats provided by the successful individual consultant.

All final documents/reports/plans and attachments shall be the property of the Wasauksing First Nation and therefore there will be no restrictions on their use.  Final documents/reports/plans are to be provided in both hard and digital copy format.

6. Proposal Evaluation

The assessment and selection will be both objective and subjective:

  • Addresses all of the required processes of internal and external consultation with the community;
  • Addresses all of the requirements as listed within this RFP as well as the expectations of the Ministry of Health and Longterm Care;
  • Demonstrates an understanding of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Health Policy, historically and current with particular emphasis on Primary Healthcare Systems as well as cultural and specific healing and wellness practices within this particular territorial and tribal area;
  • Demonstrates and there is evidence of culturally sensitive and safety practices that will be employed throughout the process;
  • Demonstrates some knowledge of the Wasauksing First Nation’s issues and objectives from an organizational, community, geographical and cultural perspective;
  • Evidence that the consultant and their team has the experience, capacity and ability to meet or exceed the listed requirements found throughout this “Request for Proposals”.

While price will be an important consideration, we will be looking for overall value and so the lowest bid will not necessarily be the successful proposal.

Please be advised that funding for this proposal submission is contingent upon the success of the submitted “Indigenous Interprofessional Primary Care Team Application” and the successful submission of the “Indigenous Interprofessional Primary Care Team Developmental Funding” totalling $36,000.00 (12 week timeline).

Closing Date for proposal submission is November 27, 2017 at 3pm.

7. Proposal Communication

All communication regarding this RFP and the subsequent submission of your proposal should be directed to:

Deborah Pegahmagabow
Director of Health (e-mail is the preferred means of communication)
1-705-746-8022 Ext 2249

Wasauksing First Nation
PO Box 250
Parry Sound
ON   P2A-2X4

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