Request for Proposals Developing a Model for Self-Governed Child Welfare Services

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Request for Proposals
Developing a Model for Self-Governed Child Welfare Services

Submission deadline: Friday January 26, 2018 at 4:30pm EST

Submit proposal to:
Cheree Urscheler
Band Administrator
Saugeen First Nation #29
6493 Highway 21 R.R. #1
Southampton, ON N0H 2L0
Phone: (519) 797-2781 ex. 1102


1.1 Preamble

1.1.1 Consulting firms are invited to submit a proposal to undertake a project by the Chippewas of Saugeen First Nation #29 (“SFN”) to develop a strategy for the delivery of self-governed child welfare services. The Consultant will assist with building bridges between SFN leadership, community members, and Grey Bruce Child & Family Services (“BGCFS”) by working towards developing a child welfare service model that centers reconciliation, healing, and Indigenous self-determination.


1.2 Contracting Authority

1.2.1 SFN shall be the executing authority and contracting party of the proposed project.

1.3 Timeline

1.3.1 The RFP process will adhere to the following timeline:

RFP Release

Original: December 22, 2017

Amendments: January 12, 2018

Deadline to submit written questions to SFN Band Administrator Friday January 19, 2018
Submission Deadline Friday January 26, 2018
Contract Award and Project Begin Monday February 12, 2018


1.4 Submission Requirements

1.4.1 Response must be submitted electronically
1.4.2 Late submissions will not be accepted
1.4.3 Fax submissions will not be accepted
1.4.4 The proposal shall be irrevocably open for acceptance and binding on the Consultant for ninety (90) days after the Submission Deadline date.


2.1 Background

2.1.1 In 2015, SFN and BGCFS began the process of building a framework to restore Saugeen’s jurisdiction over child welfare. The two parties developed a Memorandum of Understanding to govern a renewed relationship rooted in First Nations’ self-determination and reconciliation. Moving forwards, SFN is undertaking a process to move away from services delivered by BGCFS and towards the restoration of Saugeen’s jurisdiction, operation, and delivery of child welfare services.


3.1 Purpose of the Project/Study

3.1.1 SFN is soliciting bids from qualified consulting firms to assist with the development of a child welfare service model that is operated and delivered by SFN. This model will re-establish the community’s right to safely care for its own children. It will be informed by a community engagement/consultation process that will be led by the Consultant. The Consultant is not responsible for drafting the service model, but responsible for conducting initial research, facilitating community consultations, and drafting recommendations and a workplan for moving forward towards the drafting of the model. The process of developing the model will aim to build bridges between SFN, BGCFS, and community members and will work towards reconciling the harm that was suffered as a result of Canadian social policy, residential school system, the sixties scoop, and the actions and decisions of child welfare staff.

2.2 Key Deliverables

2.2.1 Literature review/environmental scan on processes undertaken by other First Nations communities that have reclaimed jurisdiction over child welfare

2.2.2 Key informant interviews and data collection on current state of child welfare in SFN community

2.2.3 Community engagement sessions to collect input from community on new service model

2.2.4 Online survey to collect input from off-reserve community members

2.2.5 Final report outlining recommendations with accompanying workplans and budgets

2.2.6 Final report-back to the community


4.1 Specific Activities

 The Consultant’s scope of work shall include, but not limited to, the following list:

4.1.1 Review the background information about the project

4.1.2 Complete a schedule of proposed work with milestones for team meetings, community engagement sessions, report deadlines, etc.

4.1.3 Conduct literature review and environmental scan of academic and grey literature on processes undertaken by other First Nations communities that have reclaimed jurisdiction over child welfare

4.1.4 Conduct key informant interviews with Anishnabek Child and Youth Prevention Services staff and Band Representative and collect relevant data on current state of child welfare services in the community

4.1.5  Meet with team to present proposed schedule of work, literature review, environmental scan, and current state

4.1.6 Draft a community engagement strategy and associated budget

4.1.7 Meet with team to refine and finalize community engagement strategy and review milestones

4.1.8  Plan and facilitate first community meeting that is a high-level overview on child welfare services and reconciliation

4.1.9  Meet with team to review what was heard at community meeting

4.1.10 Plan and facilitate two community meetings for healing and truth-telling. Those affected by CAS will have an opportunity to share how Canadian child welfare policies have impacted their lives and families.

4.1.11 Meet with team to review what was heard at community meetings

4.1.12 Plan and facilitate fourth community meeting to answer the following questions: What does Indigenous child welfare look like for Saugeen? What would you like to see? How would reclaiming jurisdiction unfold in the community?

4.1.13 Meet with team to review what was heard at community meeting

4.1.14 Develop and disseminate online survey to gather feedback from on and off-reserve community members

4.1.15 Analyze data collected and organize into appendixes for final report

4.1.16 Draft final report with recommendations for a path forward, including 3-year workplan and budget

4.1.17 Meet with team to present draft final report

4.1.18 Complete revisions to final report

4.1.19 Plan and facilitate final community report-back; present final report and path forward to SFN community members


5.1 Commencement Date & Period of Implementation

5.1.1 The project shall be completed within a maximum period of fifty-two (52) weeks, commencing from the date of receipt of the Notice to Proceed.

5.2 Timeline of Work

5.2.1 The Consultant will provide in their proposal a comprehensive project plan that accounts for all parts as identified in 4.1


6.1 Fee Schedule

6.1.1 The Consultant will provide in their proposal a detailed fee schedule that specifies the estimated cost of the work, with a breakdown of hours per component and hourly rate. The fee limit is $25,000 including travel.

6.2 Fixed Fees

6.2.1 Prices offered by the Consultant will be firm and not subject to increase during the term of any contractual agreement between SFN and the Consultant.

6.3 Payment Terms

6.3.1 The Consultant will submit monthly invoice(s) to SFN.


7.1 Requirements and Qualifications

The Consultant will provide the following information in the proposal:

7.1.1 Name of Project Lead and Team Members as well as contact information, addresses of firm’s headquarters and offices, location of office(s) that will provide services

7.1.2 General overview and history of firm, including the number of years in business, total number of employees, and a brief description of the organization

7.1.3 Each Team Member will supply a CV or resume and a description of their role on the project

7.1.4 Descriptions of similar projects the firm has completed within the last five years

7.1.5 Provide three independent references who can speak to work completed by the firm

7.1.6 Consultant’s tax identification number and certificate of authority to do business in the Province of Ontario

7.1.7 The names of Consultant’s parent companies, subsidiaries or affiliates

7.1.8 A list of all relevant licenses held by Consultant or its personnel

7.1.9 Proof of two million dollars valid Liability Insurance


8.1 Selection Criteria

The evaluation of proposals will be performed by an internal SFN evaluation committee. If an award is made, it will be made to the firm that offers SFN the greatest value based on an analysis involving a number of criteria including but not limited to:

8.1.1 Firm has the appropriate expertise to provide the particular services sought under this RFP

8.1.2 Firm has a thorough understanding of the project and a clearly articulated project plan that meets deliverables and outcomes

8.1.3 Firm has demonstrated that it will commit appropriate staffing and resources to perform the Project

8.1.4 Firm has satisfactory client references

8.1.5 Complies with Provincial requirements

8.1.6 Firm has proposed fees that are considered to be the best value for SFN


9.1 Questions

9.1.1 Should any discrepancies, omissions, or doubt as to their meaning be found in the RFP specifications or requirements, the Respondent shall notify the Band Administrator at the address provided above. SFN will send written instructions or addenda to all participants in the RFP process.

9.2 Transparency

9.2.1 This Project and all accompanying information will be a public record as any writing containing information relating to the conduct of the public’s business prepared, owned, used or retained by any state or local agency regardless of physical form or characteristics. Public records shall be disclosed upon request to any SFN citizen who has a right to inspect any public record, unless the document is exempted from disclosure.


9.3 Protest Procedures

9.3.1 In the event a dispute arises concerning the proposal process prior to the award of the contract, the party wishing resolution of the dispute shall submit a request in writing to the Band Administrator.


9.4 Proposal Expense

9.4.1 Respondents shall be fully responsible for all costs incurred in the development and submission of this RFP.


9.5 Addenda

9.5.1 No one is authorized to amend any of these documents in any respect by an oral statement or to make any representation or interpretation in conflict with their provisions. Any changes to these documents will be issued in writing via Addenda by the SFN Band administrator at the address provided above.

9.6 Reservations

SFN reserves the right to do the following at any time and for its own convenience, at its sole discretion:

9.6.1 Proceed with only a portion of the services described in this RFP and therefore select an Awardee for only a portion of the services in this RFP

9.6.2 Reject any and all proposals without indicating any reasons for such rejection

9.6.3 Terminate this RFP and issue a new Request for Proposals anytime thereafter

9.6.4 Extend any or all deadlines specified in the RFP, including deadlines for accepting proposals by issuing an Addendum at any time prior to the deadline for receipt of responses to the RFP

9.6.5 Procure any services specified in the RFP by other means

9.6.6 Disqualify any Respondent on the basis of any real or perceived conflict of interest or evidence of collusion that is disclosed by the proposal or other data available to SFN. Such disqualification is at the sole discretion of SFN

9.6.7 Reject the proposal of any Respondent that is in breach of or in default under any other agreement with SFN

9.6.8 Reject any Respondent deemed by SFN to be non-responsive, unreliable, unqualified or non-responsible.

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