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The intent of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to invite proposals for the purposes of retaining project management services to oversee the planning, design, and construction of the Sayisi Dene First Nation (SDFN) Major Capital Project (MCP) as described within this RFP.


A proponent receiving this RFP may not use, disclose, or duplicate the information contained in it for any purpose other than to prepare a response to the RFP. The proponent shall keep any information obtained from the Sayisi Dene First Nation Relocation Settlement Trustees (Trustees) or SDFN confidential and shall not disclose such information to any other party, other than to those internal employees or agents responsible for preparing a response, without the prior written approval of the SDFN and the Trustees. Receipt of this RFP does not entitle the proponent to associate its services with the SDFN or the Trustees in any way, nor represents in any way that SDFN or the Trustees has employed, retained, or endorsed the proponent’s services.  Any such association or endorsement being contemplated by the proponent must receive the prior written approval of SDFN and the Trustees.

The submission of a proposal indicates acceptance by the respondent to all conditions contained in this RFP unless clearly and specifically noted in the proposal submitted and confirmed in the formal contract between SDFN and the Proponent.  Deviations from the RFP must be clearly identified in the written submission, and any terms or conditions that conflict with the terms of this RFP may be rejected. The acceptance of any proposal is subject to a contract being negotiated, prepared, and executed between the proponent and SDFN. SDFN and the Trustees reserve the right to negotiate the terms and conditions of the contract.

Questions and Clarifications

Inquiries regarding this Request for Proposal are to be sent to No clarification requests will be accepted by telephone. Responses to questions will be provided to the requesting party, and if deemed of benefit to all parties the response will be distributed to all parties without disclosing the requesting party. The last day for questions is 4:00PM (CST), November 17, 2017. Responses will be provided by November 22, 2017. Proposals are invited at this time, and will be followed by the evaluation and award of the contract. Interested firms should submit five (5) hard copies of their proposal as well as an electronic version in Adobe PDF format to the address below, which must be received no later than 4:00PM (CST), December 1, 2017. The proposal submission envelope should read: “Project Management Services for the Planning, Design, and Construction of the Sayisi Dene First Nation Major Capital Project” and should be addressed to:

Sayisi Dene First Nation MCP Team
Proposal Call for Project Management Services
404 – 63 Albert St.
Winnipeg, MB  R3B 0G4

Please note the lowest priced, or any proposal, will not necessarily be accepted.

Information in RFP Only an Estimate

SDFN and its advisers make no representation, warranty, or guarantee as to the accuracy of the information contained in this RFP or issued by way of addenda. Any quantities shown or data contained in this RFP or provided by way of addenda are estimates only, and are for the sole purpose of indicating to proponents the general scale and scope of the work. It is the proponent’s responsibility to obtain all the information necessary to prepare a proposal in response to this RFP.

Proponents to Bear Their Own Costs

The proponent will bear all costs associated with or incurred in the preparation and presentation of its proposal.

All New Information to Proponents by Way of Addenda

This RFP may be amended only by addendum in accordance with this section. Each addendum forms an integral part of this RFP and may contain important information, including significant changes to this RFP. Proponents are responsible for obtaining all addenda.

Verify, Clarify, and Supplement

When evaluating proposals, SDFN may request further information from the proponent or third parties in order to verify, clarify, or supplement the information provided in the proponent’s proposal, and SDFN may revisit and re-evaluate the proponent’s response or ranking on the basis of any such information.

Confidential Information of Proponent

A proponent should identify any information in its proposal or any accompanying documentation supplied in confidence for which confidentiality is to be maintained by SDFN. The confidentiality of such information will be maintained by SDFN, except as otherwise required by law or by order of a court or tribunal. Proponents are advised that their proposals will, as necessary, be disclosed on a confidential basis to advisers retained by SDFN to advise or assist with the RFP process, including the evaluation of proposals.


Consortium may cancel or amend the RFP process, and may re-issue a subsequent competitive bid process relating to these services, without liability at any time


Sayisi Dene First Nation is located 320 km north of Thompson along the northwest shore of Tadoule Lake. The community is situated on 212 hectares of reserve land. The total population of the SDFN is 828, of which 316 live on reserve, according to regional statistics.

The community is accessible by air and winter road only. Key infrastructure includes a water treatment plant, band administration office, a band hall and a kindergarten to Grade 12 school complex. There is no police detachment or fire hall. The community is severely lacking in recreational facilities, which are limited to a small gymnasium in the school.

In July 2016, SDFN and the Government of Canada signed a Final Settlement Agreement to resolve SDFN’s Relocation Claim in relation to their forced relocation in 1956 from Little Duck Lake to Churchill, Manitoba by the Government of Canada. The Final Settlement Agreement included a financial payment deposited into a trust developed by SDFN.

The Sayisi Dene First Nation Relocation Settlement Trust Agreement (the Trust Agreement) includes a Major Capital Project Account and directs the Trustees to allocate $200,000 of Annual Income from Fiscal Year 2016[1] and $400,000 of Annual Income from Fiscal Years 2017 to 2035 inclusive to the MCP. The Trust Agreement also provides for the $400,000 allocation of Annual Income to be adjusted annually for inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index published by Statistics Canada. After this initial 20-year commitment, the Trust Agreement directs the Trustees to allocate Annual Income as reasonably required to ensure that the facility is adequately maintained and operated as well as to ensure that there is reasonable programming to meet the needs of members.

In April 2016, as part of the Relocation Claim settlement, a Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) was completed. The CCP identified the construction of a recreation facility in the community as a priority.

In April 2017, the Chief and Council of SDFN (Council) and the Trustees approved the Major Capital Project Implementation Plan (attached). This plan defined the MCP as;

an indoor natural ice skating area that could be used for other activities year-round and a modest amount (approximately 2,000 sq. ft.) of multi-purpose space capable of supporting a variety of recreational activities.

The $400,000 allocation of Annual Income will be used to finance the planning, design, and construction of the Major Capital Project as well as support operating, maintenance, and programming costs once the facility is completed.  It is assumed this amount can be used to finance, operate, and maintain a facility that will cost between $4 and $5 million to construct.


The scope of work is to provide project management services to oversee the planning, design and construction of an indoor natural ice skating area that could be used for other activities year-round and a modest amount (approximately 2,000 sq. ft.) of multi-purpose space capable of supporting a variety of recreational activities within the financial parameters set out in the Trust Agreement

The facility will be constructed in the fly-in northern community of Tadoule Lake Manitoba. The design will consider the cultural and environmental characteristic of the area

Planning for the MCP also must take into consideration future development of new community infrastructure that would meet community needs identified in the CCP. The recreation facility is considered the first phase of a larger capital project or series of capital projects intended, over the long term, to meet all the needs and services identified in the CCP. As such, the location and design of the recreation facility will consider the possibilities for future expansion or integration with other buildings. However, to be clear, this RFP is only inviting proposals for the purposes of retaining project management services for the planning, design and construction of the MCP.

The Project Management Firm (PMF) that is intended to be selected through this RFP process will be expected to oversee the use a design-build approach for the MCP. SDFN’s goal is to schedule a grand opening for the MCP approximately 24 months after the award of the project management contract. The PMF will be expected to work closely with Council, the Trustee, the community, and the legal and financial professionals who provide services to SDFN and, the Trustees to oversee the completion of the MCP.

The scope of work described above and as detailed in Section 6 below shall not be considered absolute descriptions of the scope of work. The absolute description of the scope of work will be negotiated with the PMF as part of the terms of the contract described below.

4.0     CONTRACT

The terms of a contract for this scope of work will be negotiated with the PMF with the highest rated proposal as scored in accordance with the rating protocols outlined in Section 8.0. This RFP and the PMF’s proposal may be a component of the contract. This RFP shall govern in the event of discrepancies or conflicts between the two documents.


Task Date
Issue Request for Proposal October 31, 2017
Receive Questions 4:00PM (CST) November 17, 2017
Provide Responses to Questions 4:00PM (CST) November 22, 2017
Receive Proposals 4:00PM (CST) December 1, 2017
Proponent Interviews & Evaluations December 11-15, 2017
Notification of Selected Proponent December 22, 2017
Contract Negotiations January 2-January 19, 2018
Award and Execution of Contract January 26, 2018


The PMF will be an organization with a diverse team of professionals having backgrounds in design, engineering, and construction. The PMF must have solid experience in the project management of successful construction projects in isolated northern communities where remoteness is a major constraint on project execution. The PMF will carry and maintain professional and general liability insurance and all professionals must be registered or licensed to practice in Manitoba. The PMF firm will have experts(s) who have their LEED AP Building Design + Construction credential. The PMF’s broad responsibility is to act in the best interests of SDFN and the Trustees and ensure that their issues or concerns are dealt with promptly throughout the entire planning, design, and construction process.

The PMF must have experience working with building companies that have a strong Aboriginal Social Responsibility policy to hire, train locally, and be highly effective at tapping into related programs. The PMF cannot either directly or indirectly bid on any contract related to the MCP and they must not have any direct or indirect interest in any company or individual that provides goods or services to the MCP.

The responsibilities of the PMF will include, but will not necessarily limited to the following:

Manage and Coordinate Project Stakeholders

The PMF will ensure all interested parties are communicating and working effectively together to meet the MCP’s cost, quality, and scheduling objectives. The PMF will plan and coordinate the project in collaboration with the Trustees, Council, community, lenders, other funding entities, AANDC, designers, builders, lawyers, and Trust and SDFN staff. As a part of this process the PMF will ensure that there is meaningful engagement of the community, by Council, the PMF and the building designers. It is important that the PMF is able to draw on long-term relationships and a solid network with the Manitoba building community, including experience working with architects who have a track record of producing excellent culturally appropriate designs.

Planning, Design & Construction

Manage the process of moving the MCP from the vision described in the Implementation Plan to a clearly defined concept that can serve as the basis for detailed design drawings and firm construction cost estimates.

Select site(s) for the location of the MCP in Tadoule Lake and identify any related infrastructure (road, sewer, water, power) requirements to build the MCP on those sites.

Assist the Trustees and SDFN in preparing proposals for grants for funding the MCP.

Manage all aspects of contract tender calls, including printing and distribution of documents, advertising in newspapers, replying or arranging for reply to all queries, and arranging a site inspection by interested bidders.

Ensure that the design and construction of the MCP meets all building code standards and applicable laws. The PMF should demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in overseeing the construction of buildings which meet or exceed generally accepted building standards and Codes that apply off reserve in Canada. The PMF, with Trustee and Chief and Council approval, is responsible for identifying and particularizing the Standards and Codes to be used, which will be provided to the design-build firm. The PMF will be responsible for ensuring that the identified Standards and Codes are incorporated into the building design and then properly implemented during construction. The PMF must demonstrate that they have the expertise to review proposals that meet or exceed LEED Canada for New Construction and Major Renovations and LEED Canada for Core and Shell Development.

Manage and administer the bid evaluation process including recommendation for award to the most qualified bidder(s). Assist with the preparation and completion of required contracts between the selected bidder(s) and SDFN.

Conduct a feasibility study which considerers the use of alternative energy sources, and provide a recommendation to the Trustees and SDFN during the design phase of the project.

Arrange for a pre-construction site meeting between the PMF, Band Council, Trustees, AANDC officials, and the contractor to discuss the construction schedule and related matters of the MCP.

Keep full records of all project details including meetings, correspondence, contracts, insurance, bonding, warranties, change orders, certificates, schedules, testing, certification, and verification. Provide copies as required to SDFN, Trustees and AANDC officials.

Monitor the physical progress of the work to ensure that the MCP is completed in accordance with the approved schedule. Provide SDFN, Trustees and AANDC officials with scheduling updates as required.

Resolve issues that may arise during the planning, design and construction, including minor changes required to facilitate favourable progress.

Arrange and serve as chairperson for all MCP meetings. Provide copies of the meeting minutes to all meeting attendees, SDFN, Trustees and AANDC officials within 5 working days of each meeting.

Ensure that regular summary reports are provided to SDFN, Trustees and AANDC officials for review. Ensure that all required construction documentation (e.g. statutory declarations) is obtained with copies provided to SDFN and AANDC officials with each progress report.

Submit a project completion report in an agreed form to SDFN, Trustees and AANDC officials.

Submit electronic PDF copies of the operation and maintenance manuals and associated information to SDFN and AANDC officials for review. Ensure that all requested changes/additions are incorporated and resubmit the manuals for review as required. Distribute two paper and three electronic PDF copies of the manuals and associated information on agreed-upon electronic media (e.g. CD, DVD) to SDFN and AANDC officials.

Manage the Maintenance Management System (MMS) development process. Review and approve the MMS. Distribute the MMS to SDFN and ANDC officials for review and approval. Ensure that all requested changes/additions are incorporated and resubmit as required.

Ensure prints of the as-built drawings and specifications are reviewed and approved by the appropriate authorities. Following approval, maintain a complete set of prints and electronic files of the as-built drawings in AutoCAD DWG format (Version 2006 or later) with approved layering structure and Adobe Acrobat PDF.

Complete any required changes in capital assets forms for all as-built quantities for inclusion in SDFNs Capital Assets Inventory System when substantial completion is awarded.

Ensure that a photographic history of the works is maintained in electronic format complete with titles for each photo. Include a representative sampling of photos shall in the completion report with the remainder submitted in PDF format on agreed-upon electronic media (e.g. CD, DVD) with each photo labeled. Include photos of the works and associated sites both before and after construction. Photographs shall be taken of all sections of the work especially where deviations from the plans and specifications have occurred.

Complete and certify an AANDC “Certificate of Completion for Major Capital Projects” form.

Cost Monitoring and Control

Set up a joint (SDFN and PMF) bank account for the receipt and processing of the MCP funding, scheduled to be employed throughout the duration of the MCP. The joint account shall exhibit dual signing authority between Sayisi Dene First Nation and the PMF.

Work with the lender, other funding bodies, and the Trust and SDFN financial personnel to determine appropriate project reporting and controlling mechanisms including;

  • financial administration of progress payments, final payments, updating cash flow requirements and hold back releases;
  • ensuring that all documents related to committing project funds are accurate complete and financially coded, filed and tracked appropriately;
  • preparing monthly project status reports with cash flow tracking budgeted versus actuals and monitoring of actual expenditures versus forecasts. The reports are to include a detailed account of the progress of the work for the month including a full account of all project expenses supported by copies of all progress claims, change orders, and invoices for all services; and
  • reviewing monthly progress billings to ensure accuracy and recommend approval of payments to contractors and suppliers.

Change Control

Establish a procedure for dealing with requests to change the MCP. The procedure will include an analysis of cost, schedule, operational and functional requirements.

Assist and advise SDFN and Trustees regarding decisions to accept or reject changes based on a full understanding of the impact on MCP’s cost, budget, schedule and quality. Inform SDFN and Trustees immediately if at any time during the progress of the work, the PMF considers that the costs for the MCP will be exceeded, either by some unforeseen event or change in the scope of the work.

Review, verify and recommend for approval, change orders and claims for extras. Obtain a written breakdown of the costs complete with descriptions of the work to support the request for change. Obtain approval for all change order(s) in accordance with agreed upon procedures prior to directing contractors to perform the work.

Training and Employment

Collaborate with SDFN to identify, develop, source and implement project-specific systems oriented training programs and to take other steps to maximize economic benefits for SDFN from the MCP. Training program initiation to commence early in the planning stage works for the project and is to include any and all appropriate co-ordination with existing training programs.

Maximize opportunities for employment of SDFN members and utilization of SDFN resources in the planning, design and construction of this Project. Tender documents shall contain clauses instructing bidders as to the minimum extent to which they will incorporate local resources into the construction activities.

Ensure that follow-up training from the project-specific personnel/suppliers/manufacturers is provided after the MCP is completed.

AANDC Environmental and Other Regulatory Requirements

Prepare all required environmental assessment reports and obtain any necessary approvals from regulating authorities (AANDC, other federal and provincial).  Ensure implementation of the mitigation measures identified in any AANDC Environmental Assessment Screening Report as well as the preparation of a report detailing their implementation.

Obtain a Land Status Report from the Land Directorate of AANDC’s Manitoba Region office. If selected MCP development sites have encumbrances, arrangements must be made to remove the encumbrances or alternatively, find new sites. The Land Directorate will provide legal descriptions of the site. Any required legal surveys must be arranged through the Land Directorate, who will arrange for survey instructions to be issued from the Regional Surveyor’s office of Natural Resources Canada.

Ensure that all Workplace Health and Safety Regulations are met.


The proposal should include the following sections;

  • Understanding of the MCP
  • Scope of Services, Work Plan and Schedule
  • Management of Services
  • PMF Team
  • Qualification and Experience of Firm
  • Cost of PMF services and disbursements

A description of what each section should include is presented below. Evaluation of the proposal will be based upon how effectively each section addresses the information that is being requested.

7.1       Understanding of MCP

(How well do you understand the context of the project and the range of factors that may be encountered throughout all its phases?) What we are looking for:

An understanding of the context of the MCP including the technical, financial, logistical, environmental, cultural and socio-economic factors that will affect the planning, design and construction of the MCP. This section should include a description of the PMF’s understanding of these factors and an overall approach to undertaking the MCP in recognition of these factors

7.2       Scope of Services, Work Plan and Schedule

(What do you propose to do?)

What we are looking for:

a. A detailed list of services flowing from understanding of the MCP and the T.O.R. Clearly outline the methodology and associated tasks required to complete the scope of work, including a task matrix showing each of the Project Manager’s team members (including sub-consultants) and their expected time allocation. The use of specialized services, such as lab analysis, legal advisors, and/or accountants, should also be indicated. The information should be shown on a chart in matrix format, excluding costs.

b. Description of the deliverables:(e.g. investigations, studies, reports, estimates, schedules, built-work, manuals, and services during construction).

c. An outline of an action plan to deliver the services including:

  • SDFN, Trustee and community engagement;
  • Feasibility study examining use of alternative sources of energy
  • Explanation of timing and logistics associated with a building project in an isolated fly-in community.
  • implementation strategy (e.g. approvals, contracting, phasing); and
  • sequence of main activities;

d. A schedule for the services and the major inputs/approvals by others, from contract award through to completion of all services.

7.3       Management Of Services

(How do you propose to perform the services?)

What we are looking for:

  • roles of key groups (i.e. SDFN, AANDC, Trustees, lenders, legal, PMF’s team of staff, sub-consultants, and specialists)
  • organization chart with role titles and names;
  • proposed reporting relationships; and
  • profiles of the key positions.

This section shall also identify initiatives by the PMF to assist and promote SDFN professional development and skills transfer, including utilization of SDFN labour, materials, equipment, and other resources during the planning, design and construction phases of the MCP.

7.4       PMF’s Team

(Who is going to do the work?)

What we are looking for:

a. The capability and the capacity of the team to provide the necessary quality of services:

  • completeness of the team (i.e. roles and specialties covered off);
  • sufficient technical resources;
  • commitment to provide qualified resources to the MCP;
  • qualifications/experience of the designated individuals;
  • sufficient resources to meet the time frames in the work plan; and
  • commitment to provide back-up if the proposed resources are not available.

b. Detail about the human and technical resources which the Project Manager will dedicate to the Project:

  • names and qualifications of people nominated for the major activities in the work breakdown structure and for functions shown on the organization chart;
  • percentage of time that key individuals will spend on the Project;
  • names of the back-up people;
  • location where the work will be undertaken (if more than one office in firm); and
  • details about nominated and back-up resources.


c. Experience of the key resources on comparable projects including:

  • the names of firms worked for and position in firms;
  • the scope of involvement of the firm and the key individuals on the listed project;
  • references.

d. Date of professional registration or technical certification/graduation and years of experience:

  • length of time with the present firm.

An appendix showing the curricula vitae of the proposed staff of the Project Manager and any sub-consultant(s) also should be included.

7.5       Qualifications and Experience of the PMF

(Tell us who you are.)

What we are looking for:

a. Size of firm, depth of experience of firm on various project types, and success (e.g. prizes and commendations).

b. Depth of experience of PMF on building projects in isolated fly-in communities

c. Depth of experience and knowledge on the inclusion of alternative sources of energy on building design (considering culture and environmental characteristics of the area)

d. A selected list and brief description of the projects completed in the recent past (up to 5 years) by the firm and major sub-consultants to indicate the range and depth of the firm’s practice. If a project was undertaken by a consortium, identify other firms in the consortium, the role of the firm on the Project, the stages completed, and construction value.

e Range of experience that can be drawn on from other individuals in the firm.
f. Depth of the firm’s resources and capacity to provide additional resources, if and when required.

g. Listing of three references from three different organizations for which the PMF has performed similar work. The reference listing information should include the contact name, current telephone number and e-mail addresses, and a short description of the individual’s role in the Project.

h. Proof that the PMF has professional liability insurance covering the work and services described in their proposal for an amount not less than five million ($5,000,000) per occurrence and comprehensive general liability insurance on an occurrence basis for an amount not less than five million ($5,000,000) and all professionals are be registered or licensed to practice in Manitoba. Automobile Liability insurance for an amount not less than one million ($1,000,000) dollars, on forms meeting statutory requirements covering all vehicles used in any manner in connection with the performance of the work proposed.

7.6       Cost of Services and Disbursements

(How much will your services cost?)

The proponent may provide either a fixed cost proposal, a cost proposal based on a percentage of the cost of the MCP or some combination of both. In all cases, the cost proposal should include itemized disbursements, hourly rates for each member of the PMFs team, applicable taxes and terms of payment.


The proposal will be evaluated in accordance with the following weighting;

Understanding of Project                                                     20 points

Scope of Services, Work Plan and Schedule                      25 points

Management of Services                                                       15 points

PMF’s Team                                                                          15 point

Qualifications and Experience of the PMF                         15 points

Cost of Services and Disbursements                                    10 points

[1] Amounts not used in a designated fiscal year may be carried over to a subsequent fiscal year.

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