Time StampDateTitleSectorTypeRegionPrice
1515974400January 15, 2018CFAR Call for Papers Conversational Leadership: These Are Our Stories June 13 and 14,Public SectorRFPCalgary, AB
1515715200January 12, 2018RFP for Professional Services of a Legal FirmPublic SectorRFPON
1515456000January 9, 2018Request for Proposal Comprehensive Salary and Benefits Review & Analysis 02-SB-RFP 2017-Public SectorRFPOttawa, ON
1515024000January 4, 2018DND Food Quality Spec_PoultryPublic SectorACAN
1515024000January 4, 2018Request for Proposals Matawa First Nations Education Authority Cost of Education Report Implementation December 22, 2017Public SectorRFPON
1515024000January 4, 2018Board of Investigation ResourcesPublic SectorACAN
1515024000January 4, 2018Request for Proposals Matawa First Nations Education Authority Curriculum Development ProcessPublic SectorRFPON
1515024000January 4, 2018Department of National Defence – Road Transportation Source ListPublic SectorACAN
1513814400December 21, 2017Request for Proposals Developing a Model for Self-Governed Child Welfare ServicesPublic SectorRFPON
1512864000December 10, 2017Local Achievable Potential StudyPublic SectorRFPOntario
1512864000December 10, 2017THSAC meeting minutesPublic SectorNPPGatineau, QC
1512864000December 10, 2017THSAC MembershipPublic SectorNPPGatineau, QC
1512864000December 10, 2017THSAC Terms Of ReferencePublic SectorNPPGatineau, QC
1512864000December 10, 2017Food – Fresh BreadPublic SectorNPPCalgary, AB
1512864000December 10, 2017New Bridge for St. Lawrence ProjectPublic SectorRFIMontréal, QC
1511913600November 29, 2017Steel Rebar Supply and InstallationPublic SectorRFPON
1511136000November 20, 2017Executive SearchPublic SectorNPPGatineau, QC
1511136000November 20, 2017PASS RFSA Refresh 2015Public SectorNPPGatineau, QC
1511136000November 20, 2017Community Residential FacilitiesPublic SectorRFIOttawa, ON
1511136000November 20, 2017Alternative Dispute ResolutionPublic SectorRFIGatineau, QC
1510790400November 16, 2017Supply and Delivery of GroceriesPublic SectorRFPThunder Bay, ON
1510099200November 8, 2017Electricity Discovery Centre Staff servicePublic SectorRFPON
1510012800November 7, 2017Request for Proposals Project Management Services to Oversee the Planning, Design, And Construction of the Sayisi Dene First NationPublic SectorRFPMB
1509753600November 4, 2017RFSA – Playground Structure, Design, Fabrication and InstallationPublic SectorRFSACornwall, ON
1509753600November 4, 2017Electronics parts and components, tools, test instruments, radio frequency and microwave componentsPublic SectorNPPGatineau, QC
1509753600November 4, 2017SA Work on petroleum equipments and storagPublic SectorNPPQuébec, QC
1509753600November 4, 2017Printing Logbooks and Combined Forms for Fisheries and Oceans CanadaPublic SectorRFIFredericton, NB
1509753600November 4, 2017Insurance & Risk ManagementPublic SectorNPPGatineau, QC
1509753600November 4, 2017Media AnalysisPublic SectorNPPOttawa, ON
1509753600November 4, 2017Printing ServicesPublic SectorNPPOttawa, ON
1509753600November 4, 2017Media MonitoringPublic SectorNPPOttawa, ON
1509753600November 4, 2017Software Licensing Supply ArrangementPublic SectorNPPGatineau, QC
1509667200November 3, 2017Social Media MonitoringPublic SectorNPPOttawa, ON
1509494400November 1, 2017Completion of a Business and Operational Plan that will provide a well designed plan for the establishment and operationalizing of the WFN-Indigenous Interprofessional Primary Health Care TeamPublic SectorRFPON
1508544000October 21, 2017Commercially Available IT Training ServicesPublic SectorNPPGatineau, QC
1508544000October 21, 2017Temporary Help Services, MBPublic SectorNPPWinnipeg, MB
1508544000October 21, 2017Geomatics Analysts level 1 – produce submarine electronic Navigation ChartsPublic SectorNPPOttawa, ON
1505088000September 11, 2017Request for Proposal Curve Lake First Nation School Comprehensive EvaluationPublic SectorRFPON
1498694400June 29, 2017Dental Service For Manitoba Region, First Nations And Inuit Health Dental ProgramPublic SectorRFSOWinnipeg, MB

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