Indigenous Diabetes Coordinator

Indigenous Diabetes Coordinator

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Author alnationtalk
Date January 25, 2021
Deadline Open
Type Full Time
Company Ontario Native Women’s Association (ONWA)
Location Thunder Bay, ON
Category Coordinator
Client Ontario Native Women’s Association
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Specific Title: Indigenous Diabetes Coordinator
Location: Thunder Bay
Created on: October 2018
Revised on: December 2020
Band: 4


The Ontario Native Women’s Association (ONWA) is a not for profit organization that empowers and supports Indigenous women and their families in the province of Ontario.

ONWA encourages the participation of Indigenous women in the development of Federal, Provincial, Municipal/Local government policies that impact their lives and ensure issues affecting Indigenous women and their families are heard at key government tables.

ONWA is committed to providing services that strengthen communities and guarantees the preservation of Indigenous culture, identity, art, language and heritage. Ending violence against Indigenous women and their families and ensuring equal access to justice, education, health, environmental stewardship and economic development, sits at the cornerstone of the organization. ONWA insists on social and cultural well-being for all Indigenous women and their families, so that all women, regardless of tribal heritage may live their best lives.


 The Indigenous Diabetes Coordinator is responsible for educating and informing Indigenous Women and their families on Diabetes Awareness through healthy living practices, with a traditional and innovative approach. The Indigenous Diabetes Coordinator will also work in partnership with other community agencies/services/organizations, to ensure that Indigenous Women and their families have access to resources and prevention strategies.


  • A post-secondary diploma/degree and/or equivalent knowledge and a minimum of 5 years work experience in the area relevant to Health promotion and/or Diabetes.
  • Working knowledge of Health Canada and Not-For Profit Organizations Program Delivery.
  • Demonstrated program management with ability to supervise.
  • Ability to network with other community agencies/services/organizations
  • Demonstrated organizational, time management and presentation skills with the ability to follow through on assigned duties independently within strict deadlines.
  • Excellent written and oral communications, with emphasis on keen listening and ability to effectively interpret verbal communications and needs of prospective Community Members.
  • Knowledge and understanding of current issues facing Indigenous Women and their families.
  • Must be dependable, able to follow instructions, respond to management direction and be able to improve performance through management feedback.
  • Capacity to solve problems and to see different perspectives.
  • Ability to plan, organize and manage time effectively.
  • Highly motivated individual with the ability to work with minimal supervision.
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills and an ability to follow through on assigned duties independently with strict deadlines.
  • Knowledge of Not-For Profit Organizations
  • Proficient working knowledge of MS Office Software, internet, and general office equipment.
  • Ability to travel.
  • Reliable vehicle, appropriate vehicle insurance coverage with 2,000,000 liability and valid Ontario “G” class driver’s license.
  • Current, valid vulnerable sector criminal records check. Valid 1st Aid/CPR.
  • A cellular phone and internet access is required within this position
  • Must be willing and able to work a flexible working from home arrangement if required. This may include a combination of virtual remote work in your home and in office arrangements. This will be based on operational needs and will be determined by ONWA
  • Experience working with Indigenous women and communities, knowledge of Indigenous Culture and Trauma Informed practices.
  • Ability to speak an Indigenous Language is considered an asset.


  • Intercultural Competency Informed – Understands to incorporate a personal responsibility to increase sensitivity, awareness, and implementation of ONWA’s cultural and organizational practices in both professional conduct and work-related deliverables.
  • Indigenous Gender-Based Analysis Informed – Understands to incorporate an intersectional approach to gender, race and discrimination and subsequent intergenerational impacts affecting Indigenous women and their families.
  • Trauma-Based Practice Informed – Understands to incorporate a trauma-informed approach to recognize and respond to all forms of trauma and the necessity of supporting Indigenous women in a culture of tradition and safety in her healing journey.
  • She is Wise Leadership Informed – Understands to incorporate the Four Agreements within daily responsibilities and combined with ONWA’s cultural teachings contribute to the empowerment and leadership of Indigenous women within their communities.


  1. Complete 1 (one) Provincial campaign
  2. Complete minimum 4 (four) regional activities
  3. Complete minimum 12 (twelve) workshops
  4. Overall planning, coordination, implementation and evaluation of activities to successfully fulfill Health Canada, Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative Contract.
  5. Create a yearly workplan as per the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Agreement.
  6. Complete and submit monthly, quarterly reporting to Manager.
  7. Organize workshops and presentations related to Diabetes awareness and prevention, which will focus on the population and demographic of the region.
  8. Incorporate Indigenous culture into presentations, activities, workshops.
  9. Ensure those living with Diabetes have equitable access to Diabetes Education Program regardless of who they are or where they live (Ontario).
  10. Create and update existing presentations to maintain current best practice information.
  11. Consult with health groups and individuals living with Diabetes regarding program development and health policies to make them suitable for Indigenous women and their family’s needs.
  1. Design and provide for community assessments, knowledge, attitudes and behavior studies and other necessary planning tools required to assess needs regarding Health Promotion and Diabetes.
  2. Assist in undertaking a plan of action, which may include proposal development and/or access to existing programs.
  3. Measure and work to impact indicators of equitable access (e.g. community vs. program profile, wait times, patient satisfaction).
  4. Design and provide effective evidence-based tools to provide care for individuals living with Diabetes that leads to optimal health outcomes for community members and share these tools with chapters and councils.
  5. Collaborate and build capacity with ONWA site, Chapters and Councils to deliver a streamlined multidisciplinary compliment of supports for community members.
  6. Centre on community members by encouraging self-management, personal goal setting and using community member feedback for continual improvement.
  7. Track and use clinical health information (annual chart audits/quality audits) and community member feedback to improve the effectiveness of the services provided.
  8. Troubleshooting issues as they arise.
  9. Managing the budget appropriately and within ADI contractual guidelines.
  10. Collation of evaluations and report writing for all Health Canada reporting.
  11. All other duties as assigned.


  1. To develop a regional plan that will address the collective Diabetes needs from Indigenous people receiving services and support from ONWA. This plan will include leveraging existing resources and demonstrating collaborations and integrations between communities and local Indigenous and non-Indigenous health service providers and partners.
  2. To improve coordination and increase the availability of diabetes programs and services in communities. Diabetes programs and services may include but are not limited to Diabetes screening, health promotion activities (i.e. Healthy eating classes, physical activity sessions etc.) Diabetes education workshop, foot care screening and services.
  3. To develop a regional plan to support and coordinate training and development opportunities or Diabetes workers in the communities.
  4. To participate in provincial working groups with other regions/PTO’s and Diabetes partners on
    1. Planning and Coordination
    2. Tools, Resources, and Best Practices
    3. Culturally Safe Education/ Training Strategy
    4. Evaluation of Diabetes programs


  1. Complete monthly reports and submit to supervisor when required
  2. Complete quarterly reports on or before the requested due date.
  3. Complete reports to funders as required.
  4. Complete and attend supervisions on a regular basis
  5. Complete Workshop reports, including evaluations, outcomes/impacts, financials, and a summary of the event.
  6. Other reports or admin as assigned.


  1. Deliver the program provincially.
  2. To adhere to professionalism in representing the organization always and maintain good communications.


  1. Adhere to the Policies and Procedures as set by the ONWA.
  2. Representation on committees as required for the enhancement and benefits of ONWA’s programs.
  1. To network and promote ONWA and all ONWA related programs. Maintain good communication.
  2. Always maintain professionalism.
  3. The completion of functions outlined in the description and the achievement of goals set to a high level.
  4. Attendance and conduct at work according to the requirements of the Association’s Personnel Policy.
  5. Adherence to the Code of Ethics, and positive relationship building.


 To execute duties and responsibilities outlined in job description.


The Indigenous Diabetes Coordinator will be directly accountable to the Community Development Manager for the proper completion of the functions outlined in the job description.

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