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Peter Grant & Associates – Watchdog to Probe Deaths of Four B.C. Children

Investigation to raise issues about child welfare system

Lori Culbert
Vancouver Sun
Friday, August 24, 2007

Savannah Hall, a little Prince George foster child who died under mysterious circumstances, is one of the first four childrenwhose deaths are to be investigated by B.C.’s new children’s watchdog.

Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond, who in April filled the new post of an independent children’s representative, has made it one of her first tasks to probe the deaths of Savannah and three other children with links to the provincial child welfare system.

“The nature of these cases sort of set them apart and drew her attention,” said deputy representative John Greschner, who spoke to The Vancouver Sun about Turpel-Lafond’s investigation because she was unavailable this week. “She felt that the four cases had the possibility of raising a number of systemic issues about the system.”

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Recovering Residential School Survivors’ Lost Names

AUGUST 28, 2007 — When she was 26, Bessie Quirt left her Ontario home to teach at a residential school in the Northwest Territories. “At four o’clock we landed at Hay River,” she wrote in her diary on Aug. 3, 1929. “I could scarcely believe that I was actually in the flesh at the Hay River Indian School.” Seventy-eight years later, General Synod archives staff are reading through Miss Quirt’s faded notes–and hundreds of other documents–to find names of former residential school students.

These names are needed as evidence before former students can receive the Common Experience Payment or join the later Independent Assessment Process, two avenues of compensation available through the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement. Since many of the original enrolment records have been lost, the federal government commissioned other archives, including General Synod’s, to find proof of students’ attendance in alternate material.

by NationTalk on August 30, 20071734 Views

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Publications – The Chicot Decisions: Permit Set Aside in NWT Due to Exclusion of Aboriginal Group in Final Stages of Regulatory Process

Vancouver – August 28, 2007

A recent Federal Court decision set aside a land use permit issued in the Northwest Territories by the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board to Paramount Resources Ltd. on the basis of a failure to properly consult with the Ka’a’Gee Tu First Nation (“KTFN”).

by NationTalk on August 29, 20073229 Views

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Indian Residential School Settlement Update for August 29th, 2007

Indian Residential Schools Resolution Canada has provided the following information regarding the premature release of the draft copy of the CEP application form.

Questions and Answers


Q1. Is it possible to submit an application for the Common Experience Payment before September 19, 2007?

A1: No, the final and official application form for the Common Experience Payment will not be available until September 19, 2007. All former students who have registered at or by calling 1-866-879-4913, will receive the application in the mail from the Court Administrator on September 19th or soon after. Application forms will also be available after September 19, 2007 on-line at and at or by calling 1-866-699-1742 (TYY 1-800-926-91058).

Any application forms which are filled out before and submitted September 19, 2007 are not the official forms. These unofficial forms cannot be accepted and will not result in former students receiving their payments any sooner than those who fill out the official form after September 19, 2007.

by NationTalk on August 29, 20071170 Views

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Urgent Notice – Common Experience Application

Assembly of First Nations Indian Residential Schools Unit – August 23, 2007

>>View notice (Pdf)

by NationTalk on August 28, 20071131 Views

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Indian Residential School Settlement – Update for August 23rd, 2007

The following notice was issued today in regard to the premature release of a draft common experience payment application form:

Indian Residential School Settlement

Service Canada Cannot Accept Forms Until SEPTEMBER 19, 2007

Recently, draft common experience payment application forms were circulated to some former students who resided at recognized Indian Residential Schools.

Please be aware that the form was a DRAFT, and those forms SHOULD NOT be mailed or submitted to Service Canada offices at this time. Do not send any original identification documents either.

Under the Settlement Agreement applications cannot be accepted by Service Canada until September 19, 2007.

All those former students who requested an application during the recent notification program will receive the final forms in the mail automatically as soon as they are ready. To request a form call 1-866-879-4913. They will also be available on the website at

The next status update will be available on August 29th, 2007.

by NationTalk on August 24, 20071178 Views

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“Opt Out” Period Ends In Canada’s Indian Residential Schools Settlement

For Immediate Release

OTTAWA, ON, August 21, 2007—The “opt out” phase of a national notification programme in the Indian residential schools settlement has been completed. The postmark deadline for an opt out request was yesterday, August 20, 2007. As of now a total of 201 opt out forms from former students have been received and logged. In the coming days any additional opt out forms received which were postmarked prior to the deadline will be tallied and verified. According to the settlement agreement, as long as the total number of former students opting out is less than 5,000, the settlement will go forward. Barring unforeseen circumstances, it is expected that claim forms will be available by approximately September 20, 2007. Former students who requested a claim form will have one mailed to them at that time.

by NationTalk on August 21, 20071708 Views

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NAN and Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto to Participate in Public Inquiry


THUNDER BAY, ON Monday August 20, 2007: Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) Deputy Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler together with Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto (ALST) Executive Director Kimberly Murray announced today their joint standing in a public inquiry into Ontario’s pediatric pathology system as granted by Justice Stephen Goudge Friday.

“There has been silence for too long regarding the inadequacy of investigations into the deaths of children in NAN communities – this standing gives us a voice,” said NAN Deputy Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler who’s responsible for the justice portfolio at NAN – an Aboriginal political organization representing 49 First Nation communities across Ontario.

by NationTalk on August 21, 20071678 Views

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Residential Schools Settlement Update for August 15th, 2007

You may be curious as to what happens after the Opt Out deadline passes. The settlement indicates that if less than 5,000 eligible CEP recipients Opt Out then the claims process may begin. If, however, 5,000 or more eligible CEP recipients Opt Out then Canada may cancel the settlement in its entirety. If the claims process commences after the Opt Out period ends, those persons who are listed in the Notice Administrator’s database will automatically receive a claim form in the mail sometime after September 19th, 2007. Please check back next week for more information.

The next status update will be available on August 22nd, 2007.

by NationTalk on August 15, 20071117 Views

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Students Help Communities Decode the Law

Thursday, August 9, 2007

About a dozen University of Manitoba law students have developed an innovative project that provides legal information to Aboriginal people in Manitoba who were in the residential school system.

All summer students have been volunteering their time and expertise traveling to Manitoba reserves and giving free information workshops on the federal government’s Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement.

by NationTalk on August 14, 20071504 Views

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