John Tory’s no-good too-bad really-awful Week

John Tory’s no-good too-bad really-awful Week

by NationTalk on July 15, 20072401 Views

QUEEN’S PARK, July 13 – Poor John. Running himself ragged in a desperate attempt to get back into power, he had high hopes for this past week. Instead, he was his usual self: vague in vision, fluffy on the facts and scared of his record and his own candidates. Monday

Tory made another one of his vague promises; Pity his promise on gas put sugar in his tank. The Toronto Star editorialized:

“Ontario voters do not need the kind of simplistic, gimmicky solutions that Tory is floating – solutions that pretend to free up money without serious consequences that show up somewhere else.” (July 11, 2007)


John Tory claimed Ontario was a net importer of electricity from the United States and made another vague uncosted promise that he would reverse the trend. Wrong again, John. According to the IESO Ontario was a net exporter of electricity last year.


John Tory had two bumps on hump day.
First, he claimed that Smith Falls was the “poster child for Dalton McGuinty’s neglect and inattention.” Actually, the McGuinty Liberals are taking real action to help. In fact, local Tory MPP Norm Sterling said in the Legislature on March 19: “I appreciate the work that you have done, Mr. Premier, and that of some of your ministers have done on this file”.
Second, John Tory was joined at this announcement by Randy Hillier, his anti-gay, anti-Native, anti-arts, anti-urban star candidate. John Tory was frightened of having his picture taken with his anti-gay, anti-Native, anti-arts, anti-urban star candidate at the event. So his press secretary was dispatched to shout at a young female Liberal with a camera trying to purchase a ticket to the event. Classy!


It was another of John Tory’s candidates who got him into hot water on Thursday. Chris Savard revealed that Tory had a secret way of balancing his many costly promises when he blurted out that “things in our platform have been priced out.” Does John Tory’s secret plan call for cuts to environmental protection? Closed hospitals? Shutting down schools? Only John Tory knows…


In today’s Ottawa Sun John Tory uses weasel words in admitting his Conservatives “might have made a mistake” by downloading services to cities. Ontarians don’t want to make that mistake again and allow the Conservatives to take us backwards.

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