Lennox Island FN: Notice of Election & Elector’s List

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Lennox Island FN: Notice of Election & Elector’s List

by ahnationtalk on June 3, 20161206 Views

June 1, 2016

Name On/Off
1 Albert,Troy Joseph off
2 Annand, Amanda Lee Rose off
3 Annand, Daniel Lee James off
4 Annand, Danielle Catherine J. on
5 Arsenault, Hannah Dawn on
6 Arsenault, Mary Catherine Rita on
7 Arsenault, Naomi Shelby-Lynn on
8 Arsenault, Tammy Lyn off
9 Augustine, Billy Joe off
10 Augustine, Dale Austin off
11 Augustine, Junior Alphonse J. on
12 Augustine, Robert Joseph D. on
13 Avelli, Christian Michael off
14 Avelli, Michael off
15 Avelli, Miles Louis off
16 Banks, Chance Cecil Nathan on
17 Banks, Janet Patricia on
18 Banks, Jennifer Patricia on
19 Banks, Stacy Marie on
20 Barnecott, Jeanine Ann off
21 Bartholomew, Amanda Brenda Lee off
22 Bartlett, Adam Patrick off
23 Bartlett, Ann Marie off
24 Bartlett, Eric Thomas off
25 Bartlett, Patrick Joseph off
26 Bartlett, Thomas Joseph off
27 Bartlett, Valerie Murial off
29 Bennett, Wanda Jean off
30 Benton, Alicia Dawn Martina off
31 Benton, Catherine Martina off
32 Benton, David Michael Andrew off
33 Benton, Martina off
34 Bernard, Alma Alice Susan on
35 Bernard, Angela Ann off
36 Bernard, Ann Marie off
37 Bernard, Blake Donald Euclid on
38 Bernard, Bradley James off
39 Bernard, Brandon Matthew on
40 Bernard, Brett Joseph Basil on
41 Bernard, Cheryl Lee Ann on
42 Bernard, Colleen Dolores on
43 Bernard, Curtis Lee Spencer on
44 Bernard, Cyrus Kevin Joseph on
45 Bernard, Dale Marie off
46 Bernard, Damion Marcus off
47 Bernard, Darryl-Lynn Shenise off
48 Bernard, Deborah Anne on
49 Bernard, Dorothy Darlene on
50 Bernard, Dorothy Denise on
51 Bernard, Douglas Charles off
52 Bernard, Drew Donald John on
53 Bernard, Dustin Ronald James on
54 Bernard, Edward Leigh on
55 Bernard, Elizabeth off
56 Bernard, Emily May on
57 Bernard, Emmett Joseph off
58 Bernard, Frederick Jacob on
59 Bernard, Gerard Harold off
60 Bernard, Gerard Jacob off
61 Bernard, Jacob Roy on
62 Bernard, James David on
63 Bernard, James Wayne on
64 Bernard, Jeffery James on
65 Bernard, Jeremy John-A. off
66 Bernard, Joan Frances off
67 Bernard, Joel Dustin Mark on
68 Bernard, John Junior off
69 Bernard, Joseph Clarence off
70 Bernard, Joseph Wayne off
71 Bernard, Judith Ann on
72 Bernard, Judith Ann off
73 Bernard, Judith Marie on
74 Bernard, Kendall Mary Charlotte off
75 Bernard, Kenneth Louis on
76 Bernard, Laura Marie on
77 Bernard, Linda Ann Marie on
78 Bernard, Lorraine Betty off
79 Bernard, Louis Patrick off
80 Bernard, Mark James on
81 Bernard, Mary Agnes off
82 Bernard, Mary Christine on
83 Bernard, Mary Doreen off
84 Bernard, Mary Jane off
85 Bernard, Mary Jane on
86 Bernard, Mary Patricia May on
87 Bernard, Melvin Urban on
88 Bernard, Michael Joseph off
89 Bernard, Michael Joseph K. on
90 Bernard, Nicole Lynn on
91 Bernard, Paige Anne on
92 Bernard, Patricia off
93 Bernard, Patricia off
94 Bernard, Patrick Gordon on
95 Bernard, Peter Joseph on
96 Bernard, Peter Kenneth on
97 Bernard, Philip Anthony on
98 Bernard, Ralph Daniel off
99 Bernard, Ricky Junior on
100 Bernard, Ricky Moses off
101 Bernard, Stephen Jacob P. on
102 Bernard, Stephen Jacob PW on
103 Bernard, Tabatha Ann on
104 Bernard, Teresa off
105 Bernard, Teresa Maria off
106 Bernard, Terry James off
107 Bernard, Theresa Jean off
108 Bernard, Thomas Joseph off
109 Bernard, Timothy John off
111 Bernard, Timothy John Francis off
112 Bernard, Tomah Edward off
113 Bernard, Troy Gerard on
114 Bernard, Tyler James on
115 Bernard, Wanda Agnes off
116 Bernard, Wendal Joseph on
117 Bernard, William Levi Leroy on
118 Bernard, Yvonne Ann Dorothy off
119 Blood Albert, Kyle Kenneth off
120 Boudin, Mary Edna Elizabeth A. off
121 Bourque, Patricia Lynn off
122 Bradshaw, Tracey May off
123 Breen, Mary Dianne off
124 Brewer, Katie Breanna off
125 Brewer, MacArther B off
126 Briggs, Deborah Lee off
127 Brooker, Nanet off
128 Brunet, Natalie Marie off
129 Brunet, Rene Paul off
130 Bunker, Jessie off
131 Burke St. Onge, Christopher Carl off
132 Burke, Diane Marie off
133 Burke, Jenna Lorri off
134 Burkitt, Sasha Clarisse off
135 Burmaster, Jenet Marie off
136 Bushey, Patricia Anne Marie off
137 Campbell-Sapier, Dawn Marie off
138 Campbell, Charlene Doris Jean on
139 Carlisle, Alena Lyn off
140 Carlisle, Kelly Ann off
141 Carlisle, Sheila Ann off
142 Chappell, Corinne Diane off
143 Clory, Paula Marie on
144 Cole, Jayde Catherine Mary off
145 Cole, Kirsten Lisa Marie off
146 Cole, Lisa Jane off
147 Collicutt, Sheila Marie on
148 Collins, Thomas James JHA off
149 Cooling, Nicholas Jake off
150 Cooper, Bradley George off
151 Cooper, Lisa Marie off
152 Cooper, Richard Fulton off
153 Cote, Kim Lee off
154 Cote, Lori Ann off
155 Coutts, Angus Gordon Francis on
156 Coutts, Blair Curtis on
157 Crane, Jordan Andrew off
158 Crane, Naomi May off
159 Cullen, Andrew C.J. off
160 Culleton, Tierra Marina off
161 Day, Michael Allen on
162 DiJulio, Devin Robert Danilo on
163 DiJulio, Dominic Alexander on
164 Dijulio, Geraldine Dora on
165 Doke, Holly Suzanne Jacinta off
166 Doke, Sean Andrew Edward off
167 Donnelly, Dwight Harold off
168 Donnelly, Pamela Frances off
169 Donnelly, Stella Rita off
170 Doucett, Blanche off
171 Doucett, Dennis Michael off
172 Doucett, Peter Gerard off
173 Doucett, Virginia Ann off
174 Downe-Bernard, Margaret Darlayn L. off
175 Duguay, Judy on
176 Dumont, Marion Deborah off
177 Dunn, Liam Kevin off
178 Dupont, Lyne Mary Helen off
179 Dupuis, Joseph Antoni off
180 Dyment, Connor Travis on
181 Dyment, Corinne Ann on
182 Englund, Amber Jalane off
183 Feehan, Jo-Anne off
184 Feehan, Mary Venita off
185 Feehan, Matthew Peter off
186 Feehan, Sara Jean off
187 Feehan, Timothy off
188 Feehan, Wayne Joseph off
189 Fong, Catherine Celina off
190 Fong, Tommy Alexander off
191 Foucault, Christen Marie off
192 Foucault, James Daniel off
193 Francis, Antwone James off
194 Francis, Ashley Rose off
195 Francis, Audrey off
196 Francis, Beverly Ann Joyce off
197 Francis, Brittany Ann Marie off
198 Francis, Cheyenne Marie on
199 Francis, David Louis Joseph off
200 Francis, Decory Michal Billups off
201 Francis, Don Williams off
202 Francis, Gary Alan on
203 Francis, Gerard Allan off
204 Francis, Jacinta Dianne off
205 Francis, Janelle Deborah Lee off
206 Francis, Jo-Jo Arthur off
207 Francis, Kerry Ann off
208 Francis, Leo Andrew Joseph off
209 Francis, Lorraine Marie off
210 Francis, Marisha Annmarie off
211 Francis, Michael Basil John off
212 Francis, Michael Kyle off
213 Francis, Misty Dawn off
214 Francis, Starlene Michelle L off
215 Francis, Thelma off
216 Francis, Tina Louise off
217 Fraser, Cecilia Marie off
218 Fraser, Jack Colin off
219 Fraser, Ruby Ann off
220 Fry, Mary Catherine off
221 Gagnon, Mary Theresa off
222 Gallant, Anthony James off
223 Gallant, Jacqueline Mary off
224 Gallant, Jeffrey Michael off
225 Gallant, John Paul off
226 Gallant, Jordon John Alex on
227 Gallant, Joseph Anthony off
228 Gallant, Joseph Lawrence off
229 Gallant, Joseph Melvin off
230 Gallant, Joseph Michael off
231 Gallant, Joseph Peter on
232 Gallant, Joseph Robert David off
233 Gallant, Joyce Gemma off
234 Gallant, Kimberly Joyce off
235 Gallant, Mary Anita off
236 Gallant, Mary Bonita off
237 Gallant, Mary Janet off
238 Gallant, Matthew Arthur Wallace off
239 Gallant, Michael Howard off
240 Gallant, Peter Archibald off
241 Gallant, Raymond Frederick off
242 Gaunce, Faye Marie off
243 Gavin, Patricia Ann off
244 Giroux, Francine Jessyca off
245 Giroux, Marie Rolande Sabrina off
246 Glover, Lisa Dawn off
247 Googoo, Brandy Anne off
248 Gould, Mary Jacqueline off
249 Griffin, April Sue off
250 Griffin, Margaret Mary Patricia off
251 Guimond, Coady Mitchell off
252 Guimond, Jordon Hudson on
253 Guimond, Raymond Noel off
254 Guimond, Richard James on
255 Guimond, Savannah Lynn J. off
256 Hall, Kiana Lavay off
257 Hanning Jr., Frederick Elmer off
258 Hanthorn, Angela Marie off
259 Hanthorn, Carlye Marie off
260 Hanthorn, Jeffrey W off
261 Haroulakis, Angela off
262 Haroulakis, Lillian off
263 Haroulakis, Nicholas off
264 Haugen, Darlene Brenda off
265 Hebert, Jonathan Jean-Phillippe off
267 Hebert, Marie Maude off
268 Hulan, Jonathon Joseph Ellis off
269 Hulan, Sandra Della Ann off
270 Hunter, Noah John off
271 Jadis, Megan Teresa Jane on
272 Jadis, Valerie Ann off
273 Jeffery, Sarah Olivia Nicole off
274 Joseph, Joshua Lloyd on
275 Joseph, Mimiques Mali off
276 Joseph, Rhonda Marie on
277 Kilbride, Andrea Lynanne Marie off
278 Kilbride, Jolyssa Marie Paris Dawn off
279 Kilbride, Mary Irene off
280 Knockwood Crane, Georgina May off
281 Knockwood-Paul, Maxine M. off
282 Knockwood, Allan Dean off
283 Knockwood, Angela Dawne off
285 Knockwood, Anthony Benjamin off
286 Knockwood, Anthony James off
287 Knockwood, Christopher Lance off
288 Knockwood, Christopher Leonard off
289 Knockwood, Daniel Joseph off
290 Knockwood, Darlene Anne off
291 Knockwood, Donald off
292 Knockwood, Eric Peter off
293 Knockwood, Francis Miles off
294 Knockwood, Jerrold Anthony off
295 Knockwood, Joseph Charles G. off
296 Knockwood, Linda Lou off
297 Knockwood, Lori-Anne off
298 Knockwood, Marion off
299 Knockwood, Mary Louise S. off
300 Knockwood, Methilda Jane on
301 Knockwood, Michael Ernest off
302 Knockwood, Nancy Marie off
303 Knockwood, Nathaniel Jay off
304 Knockwood, Ryan Joseph off
305 Knockwood, Sandra Anne off
306 Knockwood, Tyler Robert off
307 Knockwood, Wesley Paul off
308 Kuligowski III, Stanley Frank off
309 Kuligowski, Elizabeth Ann off
310 Labobe III, Benjamin Harrison off
311 Labobe Moore-Phillips, Mary I. off
312 Labobe, Andrew Joseph off
313 Labobe, Barry Edward off
314 Labobe, Benjamin Harrison off
315 Labobe, Benjamin Harrison Jr. off
316 Labobe, Beth Ann off
317 Labobe, Bradley John Glen off
318 Labobe, Brenda Madeline off
319 Labobe, Catherine Joyce Ann off
320 Labobe, Doris off
321 Labobe, Doris Ann Marie off
322 Labobe, Earl Joseph on
323 Labobe, Gerald Michael on
324 Labobe, Hardy on
325 Labobe, Harry Gilbert on
326 Labobe, Jason Harry Gilbert off
327 Labobe, John Nelson off
328 Labobe, Joseph Kevin off
329 Labobe, Joshua John Joseph off
330 Labobe, Katherine Elizabeth off
331 Labobe, Leslie John Patrick on
332 Labobe, Lisa Marie off
333 Labobe, Loretta Florence off
334 Labobe, Margaret Elizabeth off
335 Labobe, Mary Ann off
336 Labobe, Mary Jane off
337 Labobe, Mary Kathleen off
338 Labobe, Mia Marie off
339 Labobe, Michael Joseph on
340 Labobe, Raymond Andrew off
341 Labobe, Shawn Joseph T off
342 Labobe, Shirley Ann off
343 Labobe, Tommy Joe off
344 Labobe, Walter Frank off
345 Labobe, Wendell Andrew off
346 Lanngren, Kateleen Lynn M. off
347 Lantz, Jacqueline on
348 Lantz, Richard Michael on
349 LeBlanc, Amanda Dawn off
350 Leclair, Benoit Benjamin off
351 Legere, Mona Lisa on
352 Legere, Peter Todd off
353 Legere, Tina Maria off
354 Levenson, Aaron Albert off
355 Levenson, Jeremy Alan off
356 Levenson, Marie off
357 Levenson, Sarah Ann off
358 Lewis-Sark, Roseanne Irene off
359 Lewis, Ashley Ann Marie off
360 Lewis, Breanne Tayla Lily on
361 Lewis, Carol Anne on
362 Lewis, Charles Francis on
363 Lewis, Charles Nicholas on
364 Lewis, Chelsey Ann off
365 Lewis, David Jeffrey on
366 Lewis, Dennis Bernie off
367 Lewis, Dennis Patrick James on
368 Lewis, Derek Joseph David on
369 Lewis, John Thaddius on
370 Lewis, Justin Edward off
371 Lewis, Kenneth Raymond off
372 Lewis, Kristin Clarice on
373 Lewis, Logan John H. on
374 Lewis, Marissa Lynn on
375 Lewis, Marten Allen off
376 Lewis, Martin Gerard on
377 Lewis, Mary Ann on
378 Lewis, Mary Ann Victoria on
379 Lewis, Noel Joseph on
380 Lewis, Peter James off
381 Lewis, Robert Fitzgerald on
382 Lewis, Ronald Patrick James off
383 Lewis, Samantha Julie Irene on
384 Lewis, Stewart Dennis on
385 Lewis, Teresa on
386 Lewis, Travis James Blake off
387 Lord, Marie Elizabeth Kateri off
388 MacArthur, Ian Thomas off
389 Macarthur, Susan Anne off
390 MacAusland, Kenneth Terrance Kale off
391 MacCormac(Adams), Alice Kathleen off
392 Maccormack, William Fredrick off
393 MacDonald, Drake Jacob Reid off
394 MacDonald, Terrence Neil off
395 MacLean, Donald Kenneth off
396 MacLean, Ralph Gregory off
397 MacLean, Tyson James off
398 MacLean, Willard James off
399 MacLennan, Tracy Lee off
400 MacSwain, Crystal Dawn off
401 Maloney Gallant, Joan E. on
402 Manson, Aileen Miriam off
403 Manson, Colette Nadine Ingrid off
404 Manson, Jacqueline Lorraine off
405 Manson, Pamela Margaret off
406 Manson, William Wilfred off
407 Martin-Sackett, Nikolas Benjamin off
408 Martin-Sackett, Whytnie Shannen off
409 Matthews, Kent Allan Curtis off
410 Matthews, Sharon Ann on
411 McCormick, Katherine Ruth A. off
412 McFadyen, Emma Loretta off
413 McFadyen, Shannon Ali off
414 McFadyen, Sheldon Cyril off
415 McFadyen, Teri-Lynn Maria off
416 McGrath, Marguerite on
417 Mcilroy, Michael James off
418 Mckellop, Pamela Anne Susan off
419 McLean-Thomas, Patricia Lea off
420 McLean, Jake Rodney Joseph off
421 McLean, Kassandra Dawn Alma off
422 McLean, Michelle Dawn off
423 McLeod, Catherine Marcia off
424 McLeod, Lesa Marie off
425 McLeod, William Travis off
426 McMillan, Jamie Scott off
427 Mehring, Melissa Ann off
428 Mentz Jr., Timothy Joseph off
429 Mentz,Deanna Jo off
430 Miller, Joseph Kenneth off
431 Mitchell, Anthony James on
432 Mitchell, Elizabeth Katherine A. on
433 Mitchell, Lucy Ann off
434 Mitchell, Remanda V. J. M. on
435 Mitchell, Sadie Marie on
436 Mitchell, Sheila Ann on
437 Moench, Steven Joseph off
438 Moore – Rayner, Danielle Marion Jean off
439 Moore, Adam Tevor E off
440 Moore, Ashley Bonnie Pearl off
441 Moore, Mary Noella off
442 Morrill, Ashley Lynn off
443 Morrill, Jessica Marie on
444 Morris, Mary Charlotte off
445 Mulvey II, Joseph Augustine off
446 Mulvey, Bernard Augustine off
447 Mulvey, Henry Augustin off
448 Mulvey, John Francis off
449 Mulvey, Joseph Augustine off
450 Mulvey, Kimberley Jo off
451 Mulvey, Trevor Augustine off
452 Murphy, Julie Ann off
453 Myers, Misti Dawn on
454 Myers, Sarah Ann off
455 Nelson, Deborah Grace off
456 Nelson, Eva Gail Marie off
457 Nelson, Pamela Ann off
458 Noye, Karen Thereza on
459 O’Connell, Bridget Marie off
460 O’Neill, Raymond Francis off
461 O’Neill, Sabrina Kay off
462 O’Reilly, James Patrick off
463 O’Reilly, Julie Marie off
464 O’Reilly, Mary Ester off
465 Paul, Bokteweoon Wabiniak off
466 Paul, Marjorie Ann off
467 Paul, Velda off
468 Pearcey, Marie Agnes Louise off
469 Pellissier-Lush, Brittany Lynne off
470 Pellissier-Lush, Julie Ellen off
471 Pellissier-Lush, Richard Calvin off
472 Peters – Doyle, Nancy Laura Ann off
473 Peters, Ada Marie off
474 Peters, Carol Ann on
475 Peters, Dawson Patrick off
476 Peters, Frank Thomas on
477 Peters, Geraldine Laura off
478 Peters, John Thomas on
479 Peters, Joseph Francis off
480 Peters, Joseph Gordon on
481 Peters, Mary Clara Coleen off
482 Peters, Patrick Eugene on
483 Peters, Sarah Candace Smith off
484 Phillips, Olivia Jolene off
485 Pickett, Aaron Charles Jr. off
486 Pilon, Catherine Isabel off
487 Pinkham, Loralee Ann off
488 Poirier II, Daniel John off
489 Poirier, Danielle Eve off
490 Poirier, Nicole M. I. S. off
491 Proulx, Jeannette Marie off
492 Proulx, John Edward Anthony off
493 Proulx, Marie Kathleen E. off
494 Proulx, Marie Pauline J. off
495 Proulx, Peter Francis off
496 Pye, Robert Grant off
497 Rafuse, Paul Moses off
498 Ramjattan, Matilda Jane on
499 Rathier, Joseph Paul off
500 Rayner Lewis, Savanna Elizabeth on
501 Rayner, Earl David James off
502 Rayner, Elaine Ann off
503 Richard, David Joseph off
504 Richard, Francine Lin off
505 Richard, Mary Nora off
506 Riley, Dawn Marie off
507 Robinson, Anthony Paul off
508 Robinson, Chantel Therese off
509 Robinson, Cherelle Tiara off
510 Robinson, James Paul off
511 Robinson, James Paul off
512 Robinson, John Francis Joseph off
513 Robinson, John Robert off
514 Robinson, Lisa Iris off
515 Robinson, Margaret Ann off
516 Robinson, Paul Michael off
517 Robinson, Paula Therese off
518 Robinson, Shawna Lisa off
519 Robinson, Shyla Jade off
520 Robinson, Stephen Arthur off
521 Robinson, William John off
522 Romaniuk, Carmen Maureen off
523 Ruscio, Jamie Marie off
524 Ruscio, Joanne off
525 Ruscio, Linda Mary off
526 Rydzewski, Margaret Rose off
527 Rydzewski, Thomas Wayne off
528 Sapier, Angela off
529 Sapier, Christoper James D. on
530 Sapier, Gary Thomas on
531 Sapier, James Eugene on
532 Sapier, James Thomas off
533 Sapier, Mackenzie William off
534 Sapier, Roberta Francine off
535 Sapier, Shirley Ann Patricia off
536 Sark, “Kateri” Alma Marie off
537 Sark, Amy Kateri off
538 Sark, Andrew Jacob off
539 Sark, Angela Patricia off
540 Sark, Angus Lawrence C. on
541 Sark, Barbara Jane on
542 Sark, Brian Jacob on
543 Sark, Brittanny Naomi off
544 Sark, Charles Gregory on
545 Sark, Chelsey Marie on
546 Sark, Christopher on
547 Sark, Cindy Marie off
548 Sark, Constance Barbara off
549 Sark, Coreen Ann off
550 Sark, Cory Francis on
551 Sark, Darcy John on
552 Sark, Doreen Marjorie on
553 Sark, Edward James Floyd off
554 Sark, Eileen Margaret off
555 Sark, Frances Eileen on
556 Sark, Gilbert Alex on
557 Sark, Gordon James on
558 Sark, Gracie May off
559 Sark, Gregory Paul on
560 Sark, Howard James on
561 Sark, Howard James Junior on
562 Sark, Hubert Joseph off
563 Sark, Hubert Patrick on
564 Sark, Jacob Anthony off
565 Sark, Jacqualine Elizabeth off
566 Sark, Jamie James off
567 Sark, Jason Aaron off
568 Sark, Jessica Marie on
569 Sark, Joanne Marie on
570 Sark, Jody Catherine Ann off
571 Sark, John James on
572 Sark, John Joseph off
573 Sark, John Joseph T. on
574 Sark, Jonathan Paul on
575 Sark, Jonathan Peter off
576 Sark, Joyce Valerie on
577 Sark, Justin Gary Ryan off
578 Sark, Kayla Dawn on
579 Sark, Kelly Dawn off
580 Sark, Kristina Mamie off
581 Sark, Kyle Lawrence on
582 Sark, Lillian Julie Marie on
583 Sark, Madlene Patricia Marie on
584 Sark, Margaret Alma on
585 Sark, Marilyn Emily on
586 Sark, Mary Elizabeth on
587 Sark, Mary Jane off
588 Sark, Mary Marina on
589 Sark, Nathan Jacob Thomas on
590 Sark, Patricia Marie off
592 Sark, Patrick Joseph off
593 Sark, Roger Calvin Ricky off
594 Sark, Sadie Lynn Marie on
595 Sark, Sara Pauline off
596 Sark, Sarah Anne off
597 Sark, Shanna Jacqueline Ann on
598 Sark, Shirley Marie on
599 Sark, Susan Ann off
600 Sark, Tasha Marie Dawn off
601 Sark, Tiffany May off
602 Sark, Tylor James off
603 Sark, Tyson Colin on
604 Saulnier, Barbara Ann off
605 Saulnier, John Charles off
606 Scalia, Marlene Ann off
607 Scully, David Andrew off
608 Scully, Patrick Andrew off
609 Simone, Tamara Kay off
610 Smart, Patricia Marie on
611 Smith, Daniel Clark off
612 Smith, Edward Bernard off
614 Smith, Iris Muriel Florence off
615 Smith, Louis David off
616 Smith, Wellington Anthony off
617 Smith, Wellington Robert off
618 Sock, Sheryl Louise on
619 Somerville, Susan Ann off
620 St. Onge, Lory Ann off
621 St. Onge, Michel Lee off
622 St. Onge, Shirley off
623 Steele, Betty Jane off
624 Stone, Treva Janette off
625 Sutherland, Katherine Natasha off
626 Therrien, Lorraine Joyce off
627 Therrien, Richard Joseph off
628 Thomas, Adeline Doris off
629 Thomas, Alexandre Joseph J. off
630 Thomas, Camelia Morgan Mugoen off
631 Thomas, George Kenneth J. on
632 Thomas, Gordon Joseph off
633 Thomas, Gordon Joseph off
634 Thomas, Jaimie Arlene off
635 Thomas, James Edward off
636 Thomas, Jason Timothy off
637 Thomas, Joseph Alexander J. off
638 Thomas, Joseph Leonard off
639 Thomas, Joseph Leonard off
640 Thomas, Joseph Leonard on
641 Thomas, Joseph Martin Gino off
642 Thomas, Joseph Randolph on
643 Thomas, Kevin George on
644 Thomas, Lauren Victoria off
645 Thomas, Lorna Elaine off
646 Thomas, Marc Steven off
647 Thomas, Marie Colette Karine off
648 Thomas, Marie Lorette Nancy off
649 Thomas, Marlene off
650 Thomas, Martin Gerard on
651 Thomas, Mary Bertha Lolita off
652 Thomas, Mary Hilda off
653 Thomas, Michael Joseph off
654 Thomas, Patricia L off
655 Thomas, Preston Kenneth on
656 Thomas, Rachel off
657 Thomas, Rebecca Lea off
658 Thomas, Timothy off
659 Thomas, Yvon Martin off
660 Tuplin, Amber Nicole off
661 Tuplin, Arlene Suzanne on
662 Tuplin, Blake off
663 Tuplin, Brenda Catherine off
664 Tuplin, Charles Campbell off
665 Tuplin, Charlotte Marie on
666 Tuplin, Chelsea Elizabeth off
667 Tuplin, Chenoa Megan off
668 Tuplin, Cheyenne Denise off
669 Tuplin, Daniel Gordon on
670 Tuplin, Darren Adam on
671 Tuplin, Frederick James off
672 Tuplin, Gordon Daniel Joseph on
673 Tuplin, Gregory Vincent on
674 Tuplin, Jean Marie off
675 Tuplin, Jeffrey off
676 Tuplin, Joseph Daniel Gordon on
677 Tuplin, Joseph Gordon off
678 Tuplin, Joshua Charles off
679 Tuplin, Leslie Elizabeth off
680 Tuplin, Linda Margaret Diane off
681 Tuplin, Lorraine off
682 Tuplin, Luke off
683 Tuplin, Martha Marie off
684 Tuplin, Mary Geraldine Patricia off
685 Tuplin, Norman Albert off
686 Tuplin, Pauline Grace off
687 Tuplin, Robert Graham Joseph off
688 Tuplin, Travis off
689 Wagner, Nova Lee off
690 Walker, Donald off
691 Ward, Simon Michael off
692 Wicks, Gerald Andrew off
693 Wojcik III, John Andrew off
694 Wojcik, Patricia Ann off
695 Wood, Donald Dale off


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