Professional Project Management Services

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Author pmnationtalk
Deadline June 10, 2024
Name Curve Lake First Nation
Type RFP
Region Curve Lake, ON
Sector Public Sector
Category Management
Client Curve Lake First Nation

Professional Project Management Services

1.0 Introduction

1.1  General

This Project Management Terms of Reference defines the scope of services the Professional Project Manager (PPM or Project Manager) shall perform for Curve Lake First Nation during the design, procurement, construction, commissioning, and warranty period of the new school project including the renovation of the existing school for the Early Learning Centre in Curve Lake First Nation.

The New School Project includes:

  • 12 full-size classrooms, of which, two are allocated for kindergarten uses, one for music, one for Anishnaabemowin, and necessary provisions in the intermediate classrooms for science.
  • Designated space for teachers to work, meet and prepare programs.
  • General Office space for administrative education staff
  • Special education and resource area
  • Cultural space to conduct traditional community teachings and ceremonies.
  • Library
  • Gymnasium with stage and changerooms to support basic physical education activities, schoolwide events, and parent engagement.
  • Lunchroom and Cafeteria amenity with kitchen.
  • The new building program proposes a gross facility area of 3279m2, that includes an Mechanical Services floor of 167.5m2. Facility and associated works.
  • 632m2 of existing space for the planned Early Learning Centre renovation of current school building.
  • Custodial area.
  • The proposed new school site is comprised of existing school site and additional 2 acres for the new building.
  • Site Servicing (water, sewer, hydro, fiber-optics, or alternative, etc.) to service the new school site.
  • Outdoor Learning Space

Selection of the PPM will be by an invited or public proposal process in response to this Terms of Reference. Proposals are requested at this time, followed by the selection and an award of contract by June 28, 2024 (or soon after once bids are reviewed and confirmed). The schedule of activities is provided for planning purposes only. The Project Team reserves the right to cancel the activity or change the schedule at any time.

Request for proposal Initiated: May 13, 2024

Last Day for Consultant Questions: June 3, 2024

Electronic Proposals due: June 10, 2024

Anticipated Award Date: June 28, 2024

Members of the proposal evaluation team shall consist of the following:

  • Executive Director (One scoring form)
  • First Nation Project Coordinator (One scoring form)
  • Director of Finance (One scoring form)
  • Director of Infrastructure (One scoring form)
  • ISC Ontario Region (One scoring form)

The “Client” hereinafter refers to First Nation Chief and Council.

The “Project Team” hereinafter refers to the parties as identified under Section 4.0 – Project Team of this Terms of Reference.

1.2  Objective

A PPM is defined as a professional individual or firm contracted by the First Nation to manage the development and implementation of a project on their behalf in accordance with these Terms of Reference. As this is a major project, Project Managers must hold an accredited designation in Professional Project Management or be a licensed engineer or architect in the province of Ontario. The PPM must maintain professional liability including errors and omissions insurance.

The objective of this RFP is to procure a Professional Project Manager to manage the Design and Construction phases of the Curve Lake First Nation School project. Currently, funding has been identified for the Design phase only, however, upon completion of the Design a submission for construction funding will be submitted to Indigenous Service Canada. If unsuccessful, the PPM contract may expire at the completion of the Design phase.

The objective of the Professional Project Management assignment is to successfully implement this project and other related work within the approved scope, schedule, and cost parameters and to provide the First Nation with the appropriate cost control and fiscal accountability. The Project Manager must be insured and shall be engaged to implement the “Project” for the First Nation and Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) in the community of First Nation.

It is understood that the PPM will act in the capacity of independent Project Manager for the duration of the project; their client is Curve Lake First Nation, and not ISC. The PPM will prepare the monthly progress payment reports based on invoices and certificates that they will review, and process based on approved budgets.

Once the Professional Project Manager is retained, their main objective is to externally procure the services of a Design Consultant to work with Curve Lake First Nation to develop a detailed design and tender specifications to meet client stated design requirements in preparation for the construction phase. The PPM will also undertake the preparation and assembly of all estimates and project documents required in support of a submission for ISC PAR approval. Currently funding has been identified and approved for the Design Phase only.

The Project Manager must:

  • •  Become completely familiar with the requirements of the Client, ISC, First Nation Project Coordinator.
  • Define and confirm criteria in the areas of cost control, budgeting, scheduling, and quality control;
  • • The PPM will prepare/develop a Project Management Plan (PMP) that defines the project objective and scope for the approved solution, as well as how it is executed, monitored, and controlled during the Delivery Stage. The PMP details project activities from the Planning Phase to project completion and ensures that the project objectives and requirements provide sufficient detail to allow for the preparation of complete project instruction to the project team.
  • Keep the Project Team and others as appropriate, informed of the project status through the implementation of a program of monthly physical/financial reporting; and
  • Oversee all phases and aspects of the project and ensure strict conformity to the objectives of the project to meet the Client and ISCrequirements.

2.0 Community Background

2.1  Community Profile Overview

Curve Lake First Nation is located on a peninsula situated between Buckhorn Lake, Harrington Narrows, and Chemong Lake. The First Nation occupies two separate reserves (35 and 35A) and shares a third with Hiawatha First Nation (36A). The main reserve (#35) is comprised of 648.8 hectares of land while the other reserves comprise an additional 913.7 hectares, including the shared islands in the Trent Severn waterway. It is classified as a Zone 1 community, indicating that it is located within 50 km of the nearest service centre, with year-round road access. The First Nation has an INAC Environmental Index rating of A, signifying that its geographic location is less than 45 degrees latitude.

Curve Lake First Nation is affiliated with the Union of Ontario Indians and is one of seven Williams Treaty First Nations. The total registered population of Curve Lake First Nation (CLFN) is 2,800 with 810 members who live on the reserve while 1,990 living off the reserve, as of June 2023. The Curve Lake First Nation has a total of 361 households on-reserve. The on-reserve population of 810 members results in a housing density of 2.24 people per household. Currently, the First Nation is seeing an increase of members returning to the community and that number is expecting to increase in the coming years.

The Curve Lake First Nation government is based on an elective system in accordance with the Curve Lake First Nation Election Code and is comprised of one (1) Chief and eight (8) Councillors. The First Nation Council receives administrative support from the Curve Lake First Nation Administration. The Administration is responsible to maintain administrative operations according to the programs, policies, criteria, and funding determined by Council. The First Nation administration is comprised of Communications; Community Infrastructure; Corporate Services; Curve Lake First Nation Library; Economic Development & Employment; Education; Health & Family Services; Lands, Rights & Resources; Social Services and Youth & Recreation Services.

The following buildings serve the Curve Lake First Nation and its members:

  • •Community Centre•
  • Administrative Buildings
  • •Community Buildings•
  • Baseball Diamonds
  • Pow-Wow Grounds
  • Cenotaph
  • •Rental Properties
  • Churches and Cemetery
  • Water, drainage, and sewer systems
  • •Small Business Centre
  • O’shkiigmong Early Learning Centre
  • School Facility / Community Library•Medical and Social Services
  • Public Works•Parks, beaches, and walking trails
  • •Businesses
  • Fire Hall
  • Gas Stations/Variety Stores

The First Nation educational facilities consists of Curve Lake First Nation School, O’shkiigmong Early Learning Centre and temporary Administrative Office space. As per 2022-2023 nominal rolls, Curve Lake First Nation School currently serves a total of 47 students, 23 in Grade JK to SK and 24 in Grades 1 to 3. Students in Grade 4 or higher attend off-reserve schools operated by the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board. Currently, students in Curve Lake First Nation undergo multiple transitions from the infant toddler program in the O’shkiigmong Early Learning Centre through to grade 12, including facilities both on and off-reserve. The community wants to see these transitions reduced, both for the sake of students’ continuity but also to reduce the considerable transportation costs that the Education Department incurs each year.

2.2  Feasibility Studies

Curve Lake First Nation retained the services of First Nations Engineering Services for the completion of a feasibility study through a competitive procurement process in 2016. The study was completed in

2021 and later updated by the consultant to reflect ISC’s School Space Accommodation Standards (SSAS) 2021 in September 2022. During this planning stage, the consultant conducted a series of site visits to meet with community stakeholders in order to analyse various site alternatives as well as define the school’s space and programming requirements. As part of the feasibility study, a Detailed Evaluation of School Facilities report was completed by First Nations Engineering Services. The consultant also assessed construction costs, operations, and maintenance costs as well as life cycle costs, and provided a recommendation based on value for money.

Using a cohort survival method and aligning with an observed decrease in birth rates in recent years, the model predicts that the overall school-age population in the Curve Lake area will increase by approximately 51% by the target year (2038). This results in predicted enrollment increasing from 146 students in 2022 to a high of 205 students in the target year. Enrollment is expected to remain high through the projection period, never falling below 94% of youth age 4-17.

In accordance with ISC’s School Space Accommodation Standards (SSAS) 2023 Curve Lake First Nation School with an 2022-2023 Kindergarten enrolment of 23, and an elementary enrolment of 24, should have a base gross floor allowance of 917 m², divided into three categories for Basic Gross Floor Allowance, Cafeteria Floor Allowance, and Gymnasium Floor Allowance. Additional Allowance for Special Needs Student would add an additional 30 m² resulting a Gross Floor allowance of 947 m², immediate shortage of 75 m2 compared to current school footprint. Expansion of the school to serve grades (JK to would result in an elementary enrolment of 67, and existing Kindergarten enrolment of 23, and would require a base gross floor allowance of 1,824.2 m², divided into Basic Gross Floor Allowance (instructional space), Cafeteria Floor Allowance, Gymnasium Floor Allowance, Language and Culture space, Knowledge Keeper’s Office / Traditional Services space allowance, and Counselling / First Aid /Itinerant space allowance. Additional Allowance for Special Needs Student would add an additional 57 m² resulting a Gross Floor allowance of 1,881.2 m².

Enrolment projections were prepared for the Curve Lake First Nation School in order to determine the building area requirements. The cohort survival model was used as the enrolment projection which best represents the student population for the Curve Lake First Nation. This scenario resulted in total student enrolment of 140, with 24 kindergarten, and 116 elementary, in the 10th year of enrolment.

Additionally, the on-reserve population of Curve Lake First Nation is rapidly increasing. In 2023, the on-reserve population was 810 and is expected to grow to 1136 by 2041. Such an increase will require the appropriate educational infrastructure as is being requested in this request.

Option analysis of Curve Lake First Nation School has been confined to the existing site as the First Nation is not able to designate a new site of appropriate size to accommodate the development of the school. The majority of lands within the Curve Lake FN are controlled by individual Certificate-of-Possession holders. Land area available for development of community buildings is limited to that controlled by the Curve Lake FN Council. The Feasibility Study deemed that only one viable site (Lots 51-1; 51-2 & 51-3, and portion of Lot 50), is available for the school, and costs will be saved via a school renovation with addition on the existing site.

2.3  Project Approval Request (PAR)

The Project Approval Request (PAR) was approved on February 5, 2024, and this has granted Curve Lake First Nation to retain the services of a Professional Project Manager and proceed with the Design Phase of this project. The PAR is based on the scope of work identified in Section 3.0 – Scope of Work. The Design Consultant will work with the Client to develop a detailed design and specifications package that will meet the community’s education goals and needs all while keeping in mind that the design must fit the approved budget. Upon completion of the Design Phase, a Construction Phase funding submission will be prepared and submitted to Indigenous Services Canada. Approval for construction funding is required before the design can be tendered for construction. The recommended and preferred school development option, as selected by Curve Lake First Nation based on the findings of the feasibility study, concept analysis, qualitative analysis, and cost estimates is a 3279m2 educational facility located on the proposed site.

2.4.1     New School Facility and Associated On-Site Works

On-site work includes design and construction of the new 3279m2 school facility with renovation of the existing 632m2 school. It also includes school site development that is required to support physical education and outdoor education programs, as well as providing functional areas related to student transportation and parking for staff and visitors. Site development should also recognize the school functions for community use after hours.

Site development costs include those costs to be expended within the property line to provide educational facilities (i.e., playgrounds), to provide services (i.e., electrical connections, permanent road access, water, sewer, etc.), and to render the property safe, secure, and effective to maintain (i.e., fences, drainage, vegetation, etc.).

Site infrastructure work will include design and construction of water, sewer, hydro-tie-in, and high-speed service.

The scope of work for this project is to provide project management services for the design, construction, commissioning & warranty phases of the Curve Lake First Nation New School Project as identified below:

The recommended school plan accommodates and makes provision for:

  • New School Building Construction
  • Renovation of the current school building
  • Site Development(s)
  • Site Development of an interconnection to Raw Water Supply, Fire Protection, Sewage Collection System, Electricity, and Connectivity.
  • The Curve Lake School Pre-design Facility Feasibility Study elaborates and incorporates all the details of the scope. The Feasibility Study will be provided for the PPM to review.

3.0 Scope of Work

3.1   Overview

The project will be delivered utilizing a Design-Bid-Build approach, of which a budget been approved for only the Design phase.

The PPM will be involved in all phases of the project as outlined below:

  • Design: The PPM will prepare a RFP for the retention of a Design Consultant, and should be prepared to work with this Consultant during the design phase of the project to ensure the scope of work is completed in order to have the project ready for tender. The PPM shall familiarize themselves with the completed design, Project Approval Request, and all other required related project information in order to successfully complete this assignment.
  • Tender: The PPM will provide oversight throughout the construction tender process, which will be administered by the Design Consultant. The PPM shall participate in the evaluation process for the construction tender and recommend award of the contract to the successful bidder.
  • Account Management Services: The PPM shall work closely with First Nation and their assigned Account Manager on progress payments and financial reporting.
  • Construction, Commissioning & Warranty: The PPM will oversee all components during construction, commissioning and warranty phases as outlined in Sections 3.12– Management of Construction & 3.13 – Management During Commissioning.
  • Environmental Requirements: the PPM will ensure that an Environmental Assessment has been prepared for the project and that it is approved by all regulating authorities, including Indigenous Services Canada. The Professional Project Manager shall ensure the Environmental Project Description and Mitigation Measures Form as well as any remedial measures and/or plans are updated by the consultant as part of their Concept Design Brief, and during final design. The PPM shall also ensure implementation of the mitigation measures if any are identified in the Environmental Project Description/Mitigation Measures Form and remedial measures plan and the preparation of a report detailing their implement and the preparation of a report detailingtheir implementation.

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