Professional Real Estate Services in Northern Ontario

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Professional Real Estate Services in Northern Ontario

Tender Information
Author pmnationtalk
Deadline December 08, 2022
Name Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services
Type RFP
Region ON
Sector Public Sector
Category Housing



Proponents(s)/Bidder(s): means all persons, partnerships or corporations who respond to this RFP and includes their heirs, successors, and permitted assigns.

Corporation: means Ontario Aboriginal Housing Support Services Corporation

Contract: means the agreement to be entered into between the Successful Bidder and the Corporation with respect to the supply of the Goods and or Services. It shall be based upon this RFP, with any agreed upon amendments, and shall include any plans and specifications and will be held to cover the supply of any and all work, labour, implements and materials that could be reasonably required to properly and satisfactorily supply the Goods or Services.

Request for Proposal: means this Request for Proposal (RFP) document including all schedules, parts and attachments, as issued by the Corporation, including any addenda or amendments made to it after initial issue.

May: Used in this document denotes permissive.

Must/Shall/Will: Used in this document denotes imperative.

Successful Bidder: means the Proponent/Contractor/Bidder whose RFP submission is/are accepted and who has/have agreed to supply the Goods and/or Services as outlined herein.

Contractor: means the Successful Bidder who enters into an Agreement with the Corporation and is licensed and insured to provide Real Estate Services in the Province of Ontario.


If your firm is interested in this project, please submit your proposal by email only to the email address shown on the cover page and clearly identify your interest in NEO/NWO.

All submission attachments are to be clearly marked as to contents.

Closing Date and Time

Consideration will be given to your proposal if received in the office of the Senior Manager Title Services not later than the date and time shown on the cover page.

The lowest cost proposal will not necessarily be accepted, and the Corporation reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and/or re-issue the RFP in its original or revised form.

Mail, facsimile, or telephone proposals will not be accepted.

Late Proposals

Proposals received after the deadline will not be considered. The Corporation will assume no responsibility for submissions that do not arrive at the specified address by the specified closing date and time. Late submissions will be returned unopened to the proponent.

Grounds for Disqualification of Submission

The Corporation will disqualify or deem submissions non-compliant for the following reasons, unless otherwise noted in this document:

  • Failure to submit documents in accordance with the closing date and time on the cover page or any subsequent addenda.
  • Failure to complete, sign and return submittal form provided.
  • Failure to comply with any of the mandatory requirements.


No bid shall be accepted from any Contractor, its principals, directors or any officer of that firm, or another related person (as determined by the Senior Manager Title Services, in his or her sole and unreviewable discretion), with whom the Corporation is engaged in unresolved litigation.


Communications concerning this Request for Proposal are to be in writing and directed to;

Senior Manager
Title Services

Inquiries must not be directed to other Corporation employees. Directing inquiries to other than those designated may result in your bid being rejected. The deadline for questions/inquiries will be Friday, December 2, 2022 at 2:00 p.m., EST.

All clarification requests are to be sent in writing to the individual mentioned above. No clarification requests will be accepted by telephone. Responses to clarification requests will be provided to all interested parties.

Any and all changes to the Request for Proposal will be issued by the Senior Manager Title Services (or designate) in the form of a written addendum.

Acknowledgement of Addenda

If addenda are issued, their receipt is to be acknowledged by the proponent by including them as part of the proposal submission to ensure that all requirements are included in the submission . Failure to include all addenda may result in your submission not being considered. The Corporation will assume no responsibility for oral instructions or suggestions.

Addenda will be provided to all who have registered with the Senior Manager Title Services. As well, they will be posted on the Corporation’s website for download at It is the bidder’s responsibility to check the website prior to closing for any issued addenda. The Corporation will assume no responsibility for any addendum not received.

Review of Requirements

All proponents should carefully review this solicitation for defects or questionable matter. Comments or the need for clarification must be made in writing as requested in this RFP. Protests based on any omission or error, or on the content of the solicitation,will be disallowed if these faults have not been brought to the attention of the Senior Manager Title Services as per the terms set out in this Request.


The submission of a proposal authorizes the Corporation to contact all references provided. Failure to provide references and details of experience may result in this proposal not being considered.

Freedom of Information

All proposals submitted to the Corporation become the property of the Corporation, and as such, are subject to the provisions of applicable freedom of information and privacy legislation.

This will confirm that the Corporation will not use/disclose the information provided, without proper authorization and/or unless legally compelled, and will keep the information in a physically secure location to which access is given only to staff requiring access.

Rights Reserved by the Corporation

Proposals will be evaluated from firms or individuals that can demonstrate that they have the necessary staffing, facilities, experience, ability and financial resources to perform the work in a satisfactory manner. Proven track record must be demonstrated.

The Corporation reserves the right to inspect the bidder’s facility and to perform such investigations as may be deemed necessary to insure that competent personnel and management and suitable equipment/material will be used in the performance of this contract.

Submission of a proposal indicates acceptance by the firm of the conditions contained in this Request for Proposal, unless clearly and specifically noted in the proposal and in any contract between the Corporation and the firm(s) selected.

The Corporation reserves the right without prejudice to reject any or all proposals and to determine in its own best judgement the firm best qualified to undertake this contract.

The Corporation is not responsible for any costs incurred by the proponents in the preparation of their response to the proposal call or attendance of any selection interviews. The Corporation will not accept responsibility for any delays or costs with any reviews or approval process.

The Evaluation Committee reserves the right to be the sole judge of the acceptability of any proposal, and also any alternative proposed, and to purchase the service which in its opinion most closely meets the operating requirements of the Corporation.

The Corporation, unless it otherwise states, reserves the right to award by item, or part thereof, groups of items, or all items of the proposal, and to award contracts to one or more proponents submitting identical submissions as to price; to reject any and all submissions in whole or in part; to waive technical defects, irregularities and omissions and to negotiate minor changes, if in so doing, the best interest of the Corporation will be served.

The Corporation reserves the right to cancel the contract without cause and without incurring any liability whatsoever if deemed in the best interest of the Corporation to do so.

The Corporation reserves the right to terminate the contract without notice if due to non-performance and unsatisfactory service and unsatisfactory product performance.

The Corporation reserves the right to call in alternate services if the proponent is unable to provide the service when it is requested.

The decision of the Evaluation Committee shall be final and without recourse.

Prices must be firm for the duration of the contract.

The Corporation reserves the right to subsequently revise, correct, or otherwise add or amend any errors or corrections to this RFP with or without notice to proponents.

The Corporation reserves the right to award this contract in whole or in part without recourse or penalty that which is deemed most advantageous to the Corporation.

The Corporation has the right to negotiate minor changes with the proponent that presented the most attractive proposal. The Corporation shall have the final authority on all matters regarding this Request for Proposal.

This is an invitation for proposals and not a tender call.


  • Standard Terms and Conditions for Tenders, Proposals, Contracts and Quotations will be provided to the successful proponent.


The successful proponent shall indemnify and hold the Corporation harmless from and against any liability, loss, claims, demands, costs and expenses, including reasonable legal fees, occasioned wholly or in part by any acts or omissions either in negligence or in nuisance whether wilful or otherwise by the bidder, it’s agents, officers, employees or other persons for whom the bidder is legally responsible.

Term of Contract and Commencement of Service

The term of this agreement will be for a period of ONE (1) YEAR from the contract date with Options to Renew for two (2) consecutive one (1) year periods, upon mutual written consent of both parties. Award of options shall be based on, in the Corporation’s opinion and at the discretion of administration, demonstrated superior performance and cost effectiveness. Commencement is required immediately upon notification of the award of proposal.


The Proponent must be a licensed Real Estate Broker in good standing in the Province of Ontario and must have a minimum of ten (10) years of experience in listing, selling and leasing industrial/commercial/residential property. Preference will be given to Indigenous brokerages and Realtors.

Proposals will be evaluated from firms that can demonstrate that they have the necessary reputation, affiliation, staffing, facilities, experience, ability, local knowledge and financial resources to perform the work in a satisfactory manner. A proven track record must be demonstrated.

The Corporation reserves the right to inspect the proponent’s facility and to perform such investigations as may be deemed necessary to ensure that competent personnel and management will be used in the performance of this contract.


An Evaluation Committee has been established to review and evaluate each proposal based on the criteria and scoring listed below.

1 Cost to the Corporation – Total commission payable, plus structure of commission split between listing and selling agents. 30
2 Qualifications & Experience – Affiliation, provincial/regional reach, quality and record of past performance in the industry including, customer service and calibre of key personnel and sales volume. Examples and references from clients where the Proponent has provided a similar service are recommended. 20
3 Marketing Services – Diversity of media, degree of exposure, alternative media sources to reach local & regional markets. 25
4 Report Format – Acceptability of report format, time schedule and delivery of services. 5
5 Availability/Technology – Methods of contact & communication, hours available, distance to client. 5
6 Indigenous Community Support – Can include Indigenous ownership or Indigenous staffing or demonstrated support of Indigenous communities. 10
7 Value Added or Innovative techniques proposed. 5
Total Available Points 100


The Corporation invites proposals from qualified firms for the provision of Professional Real Estate Services, in the Province of Ontario, in accordance with the following Corporation’s Policies and Procedures for the Procurement of Goods and Services.

The Corporation, wishes to expand its marketing of Corporation-owned residential property (mix of land with buildings in generally very poor condition and vacant land) by entering into an exclusive agreement with an experienced and accomplished broker/real estate firm (the Proponent).

The Corporation seeks to actively market Corporation-owned and available real estate, including both rural and urban lands, zoned typically for residential. In addition, semi-regularly the Corporation will typically acquire several properties with or without buildings through non-payment of mortgages that will add to the Corporation’s inventory of surplus properties. Furthermore, the Corporation will add property to the Corporation’s inventory of surplus properties as rental units become vacated and where the Corporation does not desire to retain those properties. Please note that not all properties in the Corporation’s surplus inventory will be listed during the term of this contract. Also note that any offers received for those properties will be conditional upon Chief Executive Officer and Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing approval.

This RFP will be divided into two areas available for proposals. One area consists of Northeastern Ontario north of Barrie Ontario and the other is Northwestern Ontario north of Barrie Ontario. Northeastern (NEO) for example will cover Sault Ste. Marie (Algoma), Sudbury, Manitoulin, and Cochrane regions and Northwestern (NWO) will cover Thunder Bay and as far as Pickle Lake. The Corporation will be engaging in the purchase, sale, and transfer of other real property in Southern Ontario and the Proponent will have no interest, receive no commission, no compensation, no benefits, no rights of any kind.

The Proponent will provide and execute an expert marketing plan, and will report back to the Director of Property Management of the Corporation on a regular schedule, in an agreed-to format.

Submissions should include but not necessarily be limited to the following:

  1. Proposed commission structure;
  2. A brief description of your firm, together with its history, clients, projects, and staff;
  3. A company description, exact location and address;
  4. Company contacts, complete with phone numbers – communication, including work numbers, cell numbers and email addresses;
  5. The contract representative and names & qualifications of the staff to be assigned to the project;
  6. A summary of your understanding of this proposal;
  7. Addressing all aspects in regards to the Scope of Work/Terms of Reference;
  8. An outline of the services to be provided including the development of a marketing strategy which will indicate how you will attract target markets to the listings and utilize the appropriate media channels;
  9. Your firm’s experience in similar projects. Samples/descriptions of previous work, including a list of all sale or lease transactions for the last twelve (12) months by building type/class, square feet, type of vendor/tenant (i.e., local, regional or national based company);
  10. Provide samples of marketing materials to be used in the campaign;
  11. Client references;
  12. Details of affiliations with any firm(s)/broker(s) with national reach;
  13. Work plan or delivery schedule;
  14. Provide a marketing timeline;
  15. Unique or additional added-value features of your proposal;
  16. Any other supporting information you may wish to include with your submission.


The successful proponent will provide specified Professional Real Estate Services to the Corporation by applying creative solutions to maximize sales and leasing of Corporation-owned property, and increase public awareness of the properties available based on the following:

  1. Develop and implement a marketing plan utilizing appropriate marketing and promotional materials that co-ordinates the planning, promotion, implementation, measurement, and reporting processes for the real estate services.
  2. Advertise/promote available properties in appropriate methods/media, (i.e. signage, television, newspaper, internet, RFP, etc.).
  3. Provide maximum exposure within both the Province of Ontario and outside region.
  4. Lead negotiations of the sale/leasing process and prepare related documentation. Realtor will be requested to provide Opinions of Value within 7 days of request, physically attending the properties whenever reasonable, for this purpose and take pictures, and provide suggestions on list prices based on market conditions and other relevant data.
  5. Reporting – present written (approximately one-page) report in a monthly meeting. Report to detail sales, pending sales, frequency of inquiries, ads, showings, variables and details.
  6. Provide expert guidance and methodologies for assessing the program and ways in which to improve it.
  7. Provide other value-added services as set out by the Proponent.
  8. Excluded from this RFP and the services to be provided are other purchases and land transfers that are undertaken by the Corporation.
  9. For further clarity, in no circumstances should this RFP or any potential Agreement resulting be construed as an Exclusive Agreement. The Corporation may, at its sole discretion, continue to enter into other real estate Agreements for which the Proponent will not receive any commission, compensation, or any other rights or benefits of any kind.
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