Records Management Assessment

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Records Management Assessment

Tender Information
Author pmnationtalk
Deadline Open
Channel 1055
Category 22
Name Union of Ontario Indians
Type RFP
Region ON
Sector Public Sector
Mess Records Management Assessment
User @NationTalk
Score 30
All 1
17022955 1
12477688 1
Category Business Services / Supplies
Client Anishinabek Nation



The Anishinabek Nation, a political advocate and secretariat for 40 member First Nation communities has seen an increase in programming and in the hiring of staff in most recent years and this shift is expected to continue into the long term. To ensure that the organization is better prepared to manage the increase of data holdings of documents and key information from many of its staff members and key stakeholders, its Management Team has decided to seek a Records Management professional to complete an organizational review of its current Records Management systems, policies and procedures.


The Anishinabek Nation established the Union of Ontario Indians as its secretariat in 1949. The Anishinabek Nation is a political advocate for 40 member communities across Ontario, representing approximately 60,000 First Nation citizens. The Anishinabek Nation/Union of Ontario Indians is one of Canada’s leading First Nation organizations and employs approximately 81 staff members.

SCOPE OF WORK   candidate

The successful candidate will complete a review and analysis of the Anishinabek Nations’ current records and filing management systems in order to streamline, update and enhance the current system. In addition, there will be some labor-intensive activity involved in sorting through storage units, organizing/categorizing/mapping out holdings and identifying destruction of materials as deemed obsolete.

Under this project, the successful candidate will be asked to provide a detailed work plan and timeline to complete the following activities:

  1. Create a report on the current landscape of information systems, processes, policies and storage as it pertains to document management (review and analysis)
  • What does the organization have, what are the gaps and what does theorganization need to support a growing employee base?
  1. Review the effectiveness/staff use of the current Document Management System in comparison to other online document management systems (Cloud Data Management Systems) and make a recommendation of user friendly programs/systems
  2. Provide recommendations for policies, procedures on record management (holdings and destruction of materials)
  3. Attend storage unit(s) to assess the inventory of holdings and make a recommendation for the removal/destruction of outdated materials/items
    • Liaise with Directors/staff to assist with their holdings for the review, and organization of storage holdings and identification, and destruction
  4. Provide recommendations of highly functional and efficient document management/ records keeping system(s) that meets the needs of this growing organization and allows for quick delivery/recovery of required documents or holdings (central location for all files)
  5. Provide recommendations to adopt key industry practices and standards to implement and support a highly functional and efficient document management/records keeping system
  6. Develop an outline for a Records Management Department and identify its purpose, goals, and key functions/activities
    • Provide recommendations for a job description for a full time Records Management Specialist who is highly skilled and organized to develop and manage a centralized record keeping department for the organization and provide ongoing training, information session(s) with staff on record keeping and support
  7. Outline a design or provide recommendations to develop a hard copy and e-file system for quick response to calling up documents, recover documents/scanning/storing items
  8. Recommended storage site/building/unit and the necessary equipment, storage models/space requirements/location for storing a Records Management system
  9. Provide presentation to Management Team on report findings and recommendations


This project will run from March 4, 2019 to June 28, 2019.


The Request for Proposal should include a detailed budget with the work plan that outlines the names of key personnel who will be involved in the project, travel expenses, key informant interviews, preparation of reports and required documentation, overhead costs and taxes (if applicable).


To ensure that your Request for Proposal is considered, please ensure that the following is also included in your submission:

  • Understanding of the organizational needs under this project, and proposed approach to meet the project’s goals and objectives;
  • Creative and methodological approaches to implement components of the project’s statement of work;
  • Work plan and timelines;
  • Financial considerations – detailed budget;
  • Experience – letter outlining relevant academic and professional experience and curriculum vitae for consultant(s);
  • References – complete contact information for a minimum of three references with submission of proposal. Please note that the Anishinabek Nation/Union of Ontario Indians will contact all references to conduct a reference check.


Only complete proposals received by February 8, 2019 @ 4:30 p.m. will be considered.

Please address submissions to:

Anishinabek Nation
P.O. Box 711
North Bay, ON P1B 8J8

Attention: Glenda St. Amour, Director of Corporate Services

Packages must be clearly marked:  Records Management Project


All enquiries about this request for proposal should be directed to:

Glenda St. Amour, Director of Corporate
Services Tel: (705) 497-9127
Email: [email protected]

To learn more about the Anishinabek Nation, please visit our website

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