Request For Proposals Digital Transformation

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Request For Proposals Digital Transformation

Tender Information
Author alnationtalk
Deadline May 31, 2022
Name AFOA Canada
Type RFP
Region Ontario
Town Otawa
Email [email protected]
Sector Public Sector
12477688 1
All 1
Client AFOA Canada


AFOA Canada was founded as a not-for-profit Association in 1999 to enhance Indigenous management, finance and governance practices and skills.

AFOA Canada’s premise it that the key to successful self-determination, creating a beter life for Canada’s Indigenous peoples and a beter future for the next generation lies in improving the management skills of those responsible for the stewardship of Indigenous resources.

AFOA Canada’s delivery model is centered around four core functions: membership, certification, learning and engagement, and knowledge sharing. AFOA Canada is ready to transition from our current Association Management System (AMS) iMis to a new system, Fonteva. We are further looking to streamline the various systems and services we use across the organization to ensure beter integration across departments and find efficiencies where possible. We are looking towards more automation and beter self-serve options for our members and clients in the AMS. To this end, we have completed a digital readiness project, including review of various potential AMS that could suit our needs.

We are seeking a consultant to guide this transformation, starting with reviewing the work to date, working with an internal working group to understand AFOA Canada’s needs now and into the future, leading the procurement of a new AMS, supporting the transition of data between the current and new AMS, testing and troubleshooting the new AMS, and training and supporting staff on the new AMS.


The objective of this contract is to effectively transition AFOA Canada from one AMS to another, empowering staff to use the new AMS in ways that automate and streamline processes and optimize self-service for members and clients.

The process will include these key milestones:

  1. Confirming the AMS
  2. Supporting the procurement of the AMS and determining the customizations that may be required
  3. Planning and implementing the transition of data between the two AMS’s
  4. Testing and troubleshooting the AMS
  5. Planning and testing the reconciliation of financial data between the AMS and SAGE 300
  6. Training AFOA Canada staff on the new AMS
  7. Working with the AFOA Canada digital transformation working group, made up of AFOA Canada staff, to determine priorities and future


The project will begin as soon as possible following the selection of the contractor and be

completed by September 30, 2023, with the primary transition complete by April 30, 2023.


  • Transitioning the AMS:
  • The contractor will review recent reports and confirm that Fonteva is the ideal option for AFOA Canada.
  • Support the procurement of the AMS
  • Advise on customizations through a phased approach
  • Define the implementation timeline
  • Hire support to transition data between systems, as
  • Ensure the reconciliation of financial data between the AMS and SAGE 300
  • Preparing FAQ documents or videos for staff
  • Supporting ongoing training and troubleshooting to September 30, 2023
  • Work with the AFOA Canada digital transformation working group to inform the process
    • Set up calls with the working group at each step of the
    • Provide working group with notes from each
    • Additional follow up as


The deliverables for this project include:

  1. Procurement of the AMS
  2. Migration of data from current AMS to new AMS
  3. Testing and troubleshooting the new AMS
  4. Training AFOA Canada staff on the new AMS
  5. Working with the AFOA Canada digital transformation working group


The contractor will report directly to the Vice President, Education and Training, AFOA Canada.

The contractor is required to provide a writen report to AFOA Canada on a bi-weekly basis on progress to date on the deliverables and to meet with AFOA Canada staff responsible for this project as required.


AFOA Canada is inviting proposals from persons or parties to provide the above goals and deliverables to AFOA Canada in the time frame specified.

As a contractor, you are being asked to provide one electronic copy of your proposal by May 31, 2022 at 5 p.m. EDT.

Sara Roundpoint Executive Coordinator AFOA Canada
301-1066 Somerset Street West Otawa, ON K1Y 4T3
[email protected]


Inquires, interpretations and questions regarding the RFP are to be directed to Sara
Roundpoint at [email protected] The digital readiness report is available by request.


RFP Closing Date: May 31, 2022 at 5 p.m. EDT


Upon closing of the competition, the proposals will be reviewed internally by Senior Management to make a recommendation for contract awards. Late proposals will not be accepted, and incomplete proposals will not be reviewed. Eligible proposals will be further reviewed according to the criteria appended to this RFP.

All proposals will be evaluated by the following criteria:

  1. Qualifications, expertise and experience of
  2. Experience working with Indigenous People and Indigenous
  3. Implementation Plan and
  4. Innovative or creative
  5. Completeness and accuracy of the proposal format and supporting
  6. Cost and timeline for

AFOA Canada expects to contract with the person or firm whose proposal demonstrates that its performance of the work would be most advantageous to AFOA Canada, with price and other factors considered. AFOA Canada reserves the right to award a contract to other than the low contractor or not to make an award if that is deemed to serve its best interest.

AFOA Canada shall award the contract before or on June 15, 2022.


AFOA Canada will have complete copyrights to all work completed. The Contractor will not retain copyright, title, or interest associated with the new content, etc. provided, developed by or for the Contractor for this project.

A cover leter dated and signed by the contractor, who is authorized to negotiate and make commitments and provide any clarifications with respect to the proposal on behalf of the supplier of this contract.



Submit a brief profile indicating qualifications, expertise and years of experience and contact information. Include details regarding recent related experience over the past three years as well as other related experience in providing similar types of services.

To validate your experience, provide 2 references (include a current contact name and telephone number).


Provide a plan that clearly details the approach to carry out the work listed including timelines and any additional considerations. This can include innovative or creative approaches.


Provide a budget and timeline for completion of the deliverables. Please include a budget for each of the major activities.

AFOA Canada contemplates a contract for a fixed fee, comprising the consultant’s charges for all work undertaken. Administrative costs such as conference calls or mailing can charged in addition to the fees but must be discussed with the project authority ahead of time. Pre- approved travel costs, if any are also in addition to the fees.


Amendments and Exceptions to Proposal: Substantive amendments are prohibited once a proposal has been submited. In some instances, additional information or material is required to evaluate a proposal. If this is the case, contractors will be notified in writing and will be expected to provide the requested information within five business days of request.

Consultants may withdraw a proposal at any time before 5 pm EDT on May 31, 2022 by writen notice to AFOA Canada. AFOA Canada reserves the right not to proceed with this project even after it has received proposals. AFOA Canada is not responsible for loss or damage to the material submited, or for any unauthorized use or misuse of the submited materials by any third party. By submitting a proposal each contractor grants to AFOA Canada the right to duplicate, use, disclose and distribute all the materials submited for purposes of evaluation, review and research. In addition, each contractor guarantees that the contractor has full and complete rights to all the information and materials included in the proposal. Each contractor also guarantees that all such materials are not defamatory and do not infringe upon or violate the privacy rights, copyrights or other proprietary rights of any third party.

Conditions of Agreement: If a proposal is selected for funding, contractors will be required to sign a binding agreement. Until both parties have signed an agreement, no express or implied commitment has been made fully executed. If contractors opt to commence work, they do so at their own risk. No oral or written statement other than the signed, written agreement will govern or modify the relationship.

As a condition of agreement, applicants must guarantee that, among other things, any work they undertake on behalf of AFOA Canada is not defamatory and will not violate or infringe upon the privacy rights, copyrights or other proprietary rights of any third party. Contractors must also agree to indemnify AFOA Canada against any loss resulting from breach of any of the guarantees contained in the agreement.

The receiving funds from AFOA Canada must be able to comply with a number of requirements that will be included in the operative agreement. These requirements include but are not limited to:

  • Maintenance, for three years following receipt of relevant funds, of all financial records to the project, which records shall be accessible to AFOA Canada or other representatives for examination and audit purposes; (contractors will additionally ensure that any subcontractors or consultants under the agreement shall also maintain such records for the period specified and under the same terms);
  • Maintenance, for three years after approval of a final financial report, of a complete file of all subcontracts and other agreements, licenses, clearances, and other documents related to the work undertaken, copies of which shall be made available to AFOA Canada on request;
  • Compliance with non-discrimination laws and policies; and
  • All materials created, developed, compiled or produced pursuant to or as a result of this project (including but not limited to all repots) will be considered ordered and commissioned by

AFOA Canada as works made for hire under the copyrights laws, and made in the course for services rendered. If, for any reason, the proposed materials to be provided are not considered works made for hire under the copyright laws, then the contractor will be required to assign all right, title and interest in and to such materials to AFOA Canada. The contractor further agrees that neither they, nor any of their subcontractors, will have any copyrights whatsoever in any materials created, developed, compiled or produced by them or by any subcontractor, or by any third party participating in the preparation of materials for this project. Other material terms and provisions will be set forth in the documents provided to the contractor whose proposal is selected.

Non-Award of Contract: In the event that the proposals submited do not meet AFOA Canada’s requirement, AFOA Canada may not award a contract. Further, in the event the budgets submited within the proposals are beyond the AFOA Canada’s expectations, a contract may not be awarded.

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