Request for Proposals – Project Consultant Position Review Report

Request for Proposals – Project Consultant Position Review Report

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Request for Proposals

Project Consultant Position Review Report


The Anishinabek Nation is currently seeking a project consultant to develop a Position Review Report on the Anishinabek Nation’s Regional Deputy Grand Council Chief (RDGCC) positions. This work will consist of documents review, facilitating consultations with Anishinabek First Nation Chiefs, Regional Representatives, Portfolio Committee members and others to be identified, in order to evaluate the past role and responsibilities of the Anishinabek Nation’s Regional Deputy Grand Chief positions and make recommendations on their current/future roles and responsibilities.


The Anishinabek Nation incorporated the Union of Ontario Indians as its secretariat in 1949. The Anishinabek Nation is a political advocate for 39 First Nations throughout the province of Ontario from Golden Lake in the east, Sarnia in the south, Thunder Bay and Lake Nipigon in the North. The 39 First Nations have an approximate combined population of 65,000 citizens. The Anishinabek Nation has four strategic regional areas, Southwest, Southeast, Lake Huron and Northern Superior. Each region is represented by a Regional Grand Chief.

The Anishinabek Nation has its head office located on Nipissing First Nation, just outside of North Bay, Ontario and has satellite offices in Fort William First Nation, Curve Lake First Nation and Munsee-Delaware First Nation. The Anishinabek Nation delivers a variety of programs and services, such as Economic Development, Lands and Resources, Health, Social Services, Education, Policy and Communications, in addition to providing the necessary forum for collective First Nation action on issues through the Chiefs in Assembly.

To learn more about the Anishinabek Nation, please visit our website at


Currently, the Anishinabek Nation’s elected leadership includes one (1) Grand Council Chief (GCC) and four (4) Regional Deputy Grand Council Chiefs (RDGCC). The Grand Council Chief is elected by the 39 Anishinabek First Nation Chiefs and the positions of RDGCC are selected by the Chiefs in that respective region.

Previously, there was only one (1) Deputy Grand Council Chief for the Anishinabek Nation. However, based on recommendations from the Chiefs in Assembly, there was a change on May 1, 2018 to expand to four (4) regional deputies. This took place and came into effect for the 2018 Grand Council elections. This change was to allow for greater capacity and political representation at the regional level.

Lake Huron Region did not fully participate in the RDGCC structure and instead opted to appoint an interim Regional Chair position, and not a salaried employee.

The South West Deputy Grand Council Chief is a part-time, salaried position.

In February of 2021 there was a motion put forward by the Chiefs-in-Assembly to have a review conducted to evaluate this political shift of the organization and determine the effectiveness of having four (4) RDGCCs and the addition of political support staff, and to conduct future projections of feasibility (financially and politically) of the political shift.

Due to the size of our membership and the nature of the intended work, a Review Committee has been formed to support this review by providing political direction, information, and any other information or recommendations to the successful consultant.


The Anishinabek Nation is seeking a project consultant to:

  1. Develop a RDGCCs Position Review Report that will:
    1. Evaluate the outcomes of this position change;
    2. Provide an analysis on potential amendments to the positions;
    3. Provide an analysis on potential alternatives to the 4 RDGCCs;
    4. Provide analysis on whether there were any unintended positive or negative outcomes in the change from one (1) to four (4) RDGCCs;
    5. Assess the positions in relation to the original intent of establishing the positions;
    6. Assess the impacts to the 39 Anishinabek First Nations and regional impacts, specifically:
      1. The effectiveness of the AN’s political influence, governance structure and fulfillment of corporate responsibilities;
      2. Anishinabemowin and Anishinabe Aadziwin
      3. Other areas that are deemed important by the AN Review Committee;
  1. Conduct a financial analysis as part of the report that will focus on:
    1. The actual cost of the change from one (1) Deputy Grand Council Chief to four (4) RDGCCs
    2. The human resource needs of the political department;
    3. The future cost projections and sustainability of maintaining the 4 RDGCCs position and human resources;
    4. Project the future sustainability based on the financial projections, recommendations from the AN Review Committee, and recommendations from the Chiefs in Assembly
    5. Analysis of the Pandemic impacts on the above.
  2. Develop a draft position roles and responsibilities of the RDGCCs to be included in the report.
    1. This will be developed through the facilitation of meetings with the AN Review Committee and consultations with First Nation chiefs.
    2. Recommend changes to and/or develop supporting documents for the RDGCC position, such as work plan formats, reporting and accountability frameworks, and any other supporting documents deemed necessary by the AN Review Committee.
  3. Facilitate Anishinabek Nation RDGCC Review Committee meetings to conduct the necessary work outlined.
  4. Present an update at the November 2021 AN Fall Assembly, with support from the AN Review Committee.
  5. Present the final report at the 2022 Grand Council Assembly


  1. One (1) draft electronic copy of the RDGCC Position Review Progress Report to the Committee for review and approval prior to the Fall Assembly;
  2. One (1) draft electronic copy of the RDGCC Position Review Report prior to finalization;
  3. One (1) final electronic copy of the RDGCC Position Review Report; and
  4. All supporting documentation that was utilized for the development of the report (hard copy and/or electronic).


The total budget for this project should not exceed $46,000. The total budget for this project must include all costs associated with personnel, travel, key informant interviews, preparation of reports and required documentation, overhead costs, all eligible taxes and any other anticipated expenditures. Project budget should reflect the current Anishinabek Nation travel restrictions for this line item and plan for primarily on-line engagement

7.0        TIMEFRAME

The project will run from September 13, 2021 to March 31, 2022. There is a possibility of extension based on direction from the Anishinabek Nation Review Committee, as recommended by the Chiefs in Assembly.


To ensure your proposal is considered for evaluation, it must include the following:

Cover Letter

  • Dated and signed by a person authorized to negotiate and make commitments, and provide clarification with respect to the proposal on behalf of the bidding proponent or firm;
  • A statement indicating the proponents understanding of the proposed project and the deliverables required;
  • Reference the title of the RFP;
  • Indicate the capacity of the proponent to complete the project; and
  • The name of a single point of contact from your company.

Proposed Project Plan

  • A proposed project plan, with timelines, that indicates the steps to be taken from the start of the contract to the final deliverable.


  • Provide examples of previous relevant work experience; and
  • Identify the qualifications and experiences of the project team.

Costs and Charges

  • Provide an all-inclusive fixed cost quotation for this project; and
  • Identify the expected costs and their allocation.

9.0        INQUIRIES

All inquiries about this request for proposals should be directed to:

Sarah St. Louis, Executive Services Coordinator

E-mail:  [email protected]


As a potential supplier of these professional services, you are invited to submit a proposal to provide professional 3rd party contractor services in accordance with the terms and conditions detailed in this document.

Please submit your proposal to:

Sarah St. Louis, Executive Services Coordinator

Email: [email protected]


Facsimile: (705) 497-9135

Proposal packages must be clearly marked: Regional Deputy Grand Council Chief Position Review Report

Closing Date and Time: Proposals must be received by September 3rd, 2021, at 4:30pm. Proposals received after the closing time will not be considered.

Project Completion: The project completion deadline is March 31, 2022, by 4:30pm.

*There is a possibility for project extension.

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