Time StampDateTitleSectorTypeRegionPrice
1604966400November 10, 2020Transmission Lines Virtual Patrol – LiDAR ServicesPrivate SectorRFQON
1604275200November 2, 2020Pre-RFP Release Notice Fleet TrailersPrivate SectorRFPON
1603843200October 28, 2020Request for Proposals (RFP) Financial Management System Development and ImplementationPrivate SectorRFPWest Bank, BC
1602633600October 14, 2020Request for Proposal (RFP) NPAAMB Indigenous Youth Employment and TrainingPrivate SectorRFP
1601337600September 29, 2020Doc2628303751 – PR 3010930485 – lead dust abatement for Bays 3 to 10 : Beck #1 – Lead Dust Abatement, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ONPrivate SectorRFQON
1600128000September 15, 2020RFP – Remotely piloted Aircraft systems (RPAS) ServicesPrivate SectorRFPON
1593129600June 26, 2020RFQ – Wooden Survey StakesPrivate SectorRFQON
1592438400June 18, 2020Doc2471913517 – Road Shaping and Paving – Clarington TS and Enfield TSPrivate SectorRFPON
1591833600June 11, 2020Doc2460902573 – RFP- DLZ1 Boring and Excavating- Woodstock Primary Rehab ProjectPrivate SectorRFPON
1591747200June 10, 2020RFP: Doc2428802818 Fleet Light Duty VehiclesPrivate SectorRFPON
1590710400May 29, 2020Fleet Light Duty VehiclesPrivate SectorRFPON
1587945600April 27, 2020Doc2388459763 – 3010880103 – Perimeter Fence SystemPrivate SectorRFQON
1586304000April 8, 2020Doc2352372642 – Port Colborne – Remediation ExpansionPrivate SectorRFPON
1585180800March 26, 2020HYDRO ONE – Doc2336992899 – PR 3010860009 – MANHOLES FOR HAMILTON GAGE TSPrivate SectorRFQON
1583884800March 11, 2020Request For Proposals (RFP) Revision of GRFN Citizenship CodePrivate SectorRFPON
1582848000February 28, 2020Request For Proposals For And Afoa Canada Tax Filing & Benefits TrainingPrivate SectorRFPCAN
1581811200February 16, 2020Encased Micropile Foundation – Toronto Don Fleet – Metrolinx Electrification ConflictPrivate SectorRFPON
1578268800January 6, 2020Title of RFQ: Doc2184070156 – PR 3010816279 – HVAC Contract Servs – KleinburgPrivate SectorRFQON
1576195200December 13, 2019Doc2148560370 – LINE POST STRUT INSULATOR ASS’Y – NEPEAN ON – PR 3010760970Private SectorRFQON
1573516800November 12, 2019Doc2087061734 – HVAC System for M/C #3&4 BuildingPrivate SectorRFQON
1572912000November 5, 2019Corridor Management Services Ottawa RegionPrivate SectorRFPON
1571961600October 25, 2019Doc2053744022 – Design, Procurement and Installation of Encased Micropile Foundations.Private SectorRFPON
1569974400October 2, 2019AR/FR Safety ClothingPrivate SectorRFPON
1567468800September 3, 2019Waasigan Tx Line Training and Skills Development Program (TDSP)Private SectorRFPON
1562803200July 11, 2019Rentals of UTVs, ARGO, Snowmobiles & Open-deck TrailersPrivate SectorRFPON
1562025600July 2, 2019Ventilation System for Hawthorne TSPrivate SectorRFPON
1562025600July 2, 2019Air Transportation – Passenger and FreightPrivate SectorRFPON
1560729600June 17, 2019Environmental ServicesPrivate SectorRFPON
1553126400March 21, 2019Directional Road Boring ServicesPrivate SectorRFPON
1553040000March 20, 2019Doc1697025893 – RFP Synchronism Check Device (SCD)Private SectorRFPON
1552348800March 12, 2019Tripwire Enterprise and Whitelist Profiler ServicesPrivate SectorRFPON
1549497600February 7, 2019Diesel Fuel Delivery – All-Season RoadPrivate SectorRFPON
1545264000December 20, 2018Grid Edge Battery Energy Storage System PilotPrivate SectorRFPON
1544486400December 11, 2018Creative and event mgmt services for experiential campaign on electrical safetyPrivate SectorRFPON
1541030400November 1, 2018Doc1492017030 – Supply of a Specific Tunnel Engineering DesignPrivate SectorRFPON
1533600000August 7, 2018Beautiful house For Sale in Tsuut’ina Nation in the housing development of Redwood MeadowsPrivate SectorCFSAB
1525305600May 3, 2018Buffet and Catering ServicesPrivate SectorRFPON
1519776000February 28, 2018RFP – Landscaping Martindale TSPrivate SectorRFPON
1516665600January 23, 2018Supply of Two-man cab Tracked Carrier with a flat deck (optional dump box), GVWR approximately 24,000 lbs.Private SectorRFPON

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