Time StampDateTitleSectorTypeRegionPrice
1624406400June 23, 2021Website DevelopmentPublic SectorRFPON
1624406400June 23, 2021Electoral OfficerPublic SectorRFPON
1624233600June 21, 2021RFQ: Christie Video EquipmentPrivate SectorRFQON
1623974400June 18, 2021Request for Proposal Indigenous Intellectual Property, Copyright, and Data Sovereignty Consulting ServicesPublic SectorRFPON
1623715200June 15, 2021Request for Interest for Artwork OpportunitiesPublic SectorRFION
1623715200June 15, 2021RFQ: Doc3008331225 – HVAC System for Control and 230kv BldgPrivate SectorRFQON
1623110400June 8, 2021MFCBC Call for Applications for Metis Financial Corporation BC Board MemberPublic SectorCFABC
1614729600March 3, 2021Request for Proposal Instructional Design for Indigenous Cultural Safety TrainingPublic SectorRFP
1609891200January 6, 2021Supply of Tracked Off-road EquipmentPrivate SectorRFPON
1607904000December 14, 2020Request For Proposals (RFP) Client Services Policy ManualPublic SectorRFP
1607644800December 11, 2020Request for Proposals (RFP) Ataata Program Curriculum Development: A Parenting Program for Inuit FathersPublic SectorRFP
1606176000November 24, 2020RFP – For First Nations, Inuit and Métis Initiative Evaluation – RFP No. RP350-2020-01Public SectorRFPON
1600819200September 23, 2020Call for Nominations Director, Board of Directors – Three Year TermPublic SectorCFASK
1600387200September 18, 2020Federal Program And Service Digital Navigation Tool (En578-20isc3/52)Public SectorRFPCAN
1600387200September 18, 2020IM/IT resources (Set-Aside Program for Aboriginal Business (SPAB)) (20200484)Public SectorNPPON
1600387200September 18, 2020Design-Build of Wetland Walkway Replacement, Pukaskwa National Park (5P201-20-0013/A)Public SectorITTON
1600387200September 18, 2020Maintenance of the HVAC systems for the Embassy of Canada in Buenos Aires, Argentina (20-162494-BAIRS-AB)Public SectorRFPON
1600387200September 18, 20205.7 Personal Protection Equipment Technologist (senior) (2020-03630)Public SectorNPPQC
1600387200September 18, 2020Elder Services (50601-20-011)Public SectorACANCAN
1600387200September 18, 2020One (1) Life Cycle Management Specialist, Senior (W8485-TSPS2021-02)Public SectorRFPON
1600387200September 18, 2020Regional HVAC-R Maintenance, Repair and Component Replacement (21801-20-0126)Public SectorRFPBC
1599523200September 8, 2020REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL: FINANCIAL AUDITPublic SectorRFPAkwesasne, ON
1599436800September 7, 2020Strengthening Design, Lower Liard River Bridge – Km 763.3 AIaska Highway, BC (EZ899-210470/A)Public SectorNPPBC
1599436800September 7, 2020Elder Helper Services (50100-20-010)Public SectorACANCAN
1599436800September 7, 2020Screening, Haul, Stockpile (EZ011-210828/A)Public SectorNPPBC
1599436800September 7, 2020OPP/WAHV – Environmental Strategy (EVC01-202001/B)Public SectorRFPCAN
1599436800September 7, 2020Canadian Coastal Zone Information System (EN578-20ISC3/51)Public SectorRFPCAN
1599177600September 4, 2020First Nation with Schools Collective Youth Engagement LeadPublic SectorRFPON
1599177600September 4, 2020Term Contract – Request For Proposals Health TransformationPublic SectorRFPON
1599091200September 3, 2020Office Furniture (EP095-210912/A)Public SectorNPPON
1599091200September 3, 2020Survey of Arctic Offshore Well Control and Containment Equipment, Best Available Technologies and Practices. (1000223841)Public SectorRFPON
1599091200September 3, 2020TSPS – One (1) Senior Professional Engineer (P.Eng) (W6399-20-LA83/A)Public SectorRFPON
1599091200September 3, 2020Site Support Services – Canadian Forces Station (CFS) Alert (W6369-180007-2)Public SectorRFINunavut
1599091200September 3, 2020Underground Infrastructure Repairs And Heavy Machinery Rental Services With Operator (21301-21-3589725)Public SectorRFSOQC
1599091200September 3, 2020Physiotherapy Services (21416-25-3343859)Public SectorRFPON
1599091200September 3, 2020Contact Centre Services (A0340-194484/A)Public SectorNPPCAN
1599091200September 3, 2020External Contracting for Enabling Accessibility Fund (EAF) (100015639)Public SectorACANON
1599091200September 3, 2020Collection And Processing Services For Residual Materials (21301-21-3450814/A)Public SectorRFSOQC
1599091200September 3, 2020Elder Helper Services (50601-20-008)Public SectorACANMB
1599091200September 3, 2020Repair Ateliers – Canal-de-Lachine (EE520-210288/A)Public SectorNPPQC
1599091200September 3, 2020Caitts (E60zh-140001/J)Public SectorNPPCAN
1599091200September 3, 2020TSPS – Real Estate Project Management Services (EF245-190326/A)Public SectorNPPQC
1599091200September 3, 2020LiveScan (M7594-191708/B)Public SectorNPPCAN
1599091200September 3, 2020Various Informatics Professional (47060-197627/A)Public SectorNPPQC
1599091200September 3, 2020Environmental Characterization Of Soil And Groundwater In Two Sectors Of Schefferville Airport (T3003-200023)Public SectorRFPQC
1599091200September 3, 2020Request for Standing Offer – Various Safety Training (21C50-19-3141723-A)Public SectorRFSOAB
1598918400September 1, 2020Consultants with Expertise in Law, Public Administration, First Nations Justice, Economics and FinancePublic SectorACANOntario
1595376000July 22, 2020Operational Clothing & Footwear (OCFC2) (W8486-206245/A)Public SectorNPPCAN
1595376000July 22, 2020CAT Generator Parts (W3999-19V035/A)Public SectorNPPON
1595376000July 22, 2020Site Visit, Main Construction and Care & Maintenance Manager, Faro Mine (EZ113-210574/A)Public SectorRFIYukon
1594944000July 17, 2020WMC Remediation Contaminated Soil (EZ897-210334/A)Public SectorNPPBC
1594944000July 17, 2020RFSO for Indian Act Election Appeal Field Investigation Services (1000215191)Public SectorRFSOCAN
1594857600July 16, 2020Face Cloth Mask (COVID-19) (Doc2485987608)Public SectorRFPON
1594857600July 16, 2020TBIPS PSAB: IMS Service Delivery (21120-204341/A)Public SectorNPPQC
1591660800June 9, 2020RFP – Business ConsultantPublic SectorRFPCAN
1591660800June 9, 2020Request for Proposals – Legal CounselPublic SectorRFPON
1591660800June 9, 2020Request for Proposals – Chief NegotiatorPublic SectorRFPON
1589932800May 20, 2020Request for Proposals – AFOA Canada Indigenous Financial Wellness TrainingPublic SectorRFP
1583884800March 11, 2020Request For Proposals (RFP) Revision of GRFN Citizenship CodePrivate SectorRFPON
1582848000February 28, 2020Request For Proposals For And Afoa Canada Tax Filing & Benefits TrainingPrivate SectorRFPCAN
1579651200January 22, 2020Request for Proposal (RFP) for Appointment as Public Accountant and for the Provision of External Audit and Advisory ServicesPublic SectorRFPON
1576713600December 19, 2019Consulting Services for Executive Succession Planning – Governance and Organizational ReviewPublic SectorRFP
1570752000October 11, 2019Indigenous Youth Engagement – Kids Help PhonePublic SectorRFPCAN
1569283200September 24, 2019Mohawk Council of Akwesasne: Request for Proposal – Office of Vital Statistics Program ReviewPublic SectorRFPCAN
1560470400June 14, 2019Subdivision Project Design and Construction ManagementPublic SectorRFPON
1557446400May 10, 2019Request For Proposals for Financial Statement Audit ServicesPublic SectorRFPON
1557446400May 10, 2019Request For Proposals For Financial Statement Audit ServicesPublic SectorRFPON
1557273600May 8, 2019Minor Warships and Auxiliary Vessels IV ISSCPublic SectorRFIGatineau, QC
1557273600May 8, 2019Front MowersPublic SectorNPPOttawa, ON
1556323200April 27, 2019Advance Procurement Notice – Construction Program FY14/15 through FY 19/20 with Security Requirements, Ottawa, ONPublic SectorACANOttawa, ON
1556323200April 27, 2019RFSA -Exhibit Design – Parks Canada – NationalPublic SectorRFSACornwall, ON
1551398400March 1, 2019Procurement of Consulting And Professional ServicesPublic SectorRFPON
1549411200February 6, 2019RFP – Development of Compensation Strategy Tools for SustainabilityPublic SectorRFPON
1548115200January 22, 2019Records Management AssessmentPublic SectorRFPON
1546473600January 3, 2019DND Food Quality Specification _Bread and Baked ProductsPublic SectorRFICAN
1546473600January 3, 2019DND Food Quality Specification _Canned VegetablesPublic SectorRFICAN
1546473600January 3, 2019DND Food Quality Specification _CerealPublic SectorRFICAN
1544572800December 12, 2018Request for Proposal – Curve Lake First Nation Comprehensive Community PlanPublic SectorRFPON
1542326400November 16, 2018Request for Proposal – RFP #2018-02 – Establishment of an Indigenous ConsultantPublic SectorRFPON
1541116800November 2, 2018Request For Proposal (RFP) Community Consultation Regarding CannabisPublic SectorRFPON
1538956800October 8, 2018DND Food Quality Specification _Pasta and NoodlesPublic SectorRFIMississauga, ON
1538956800October 8, 2018DND Food Quality Specification _Pie Fillings and Pie FruitsPublic SectorRFIMississauga, ON
1538956800October 8, 2018DND Food Quality Specification _PorkPublic SectorRFIMississauga, ON
1538956800October 8, 2018DND Food Quality Specification _RicePublic SectorRFIMississauga, ON
1537920000September 26, 2018Request for Proposal: Development of a Strategic Communications and Implementation Plan for Tewatohnhi’sakthaPublic SectorRFPQC
1535500800August 29, 2018Request for Proposal (RFP) – Tourism and Accommodation Feasibility StudyPublic SectorRFPON
1533600000August 7, 2018Beautiful house For Sale in Tsuut’ina Nation in the housing development of Redwood MeadowsPrivate SectorCFSAB
1533254400August 3, 2018RFP – Tourism and Accommodation Feasibility StudyPublic SectorRFPON
1532908800July 30, 2018DND Food Quality Specification _Shortenings Fats and OilsPublic SectorRFIMississauga, ON
1532908800July 30, 2018DND Food Quality Specification _Sugars and PreservesPublic SectorRFIMississauga, ON
1532908800July 30, 2018DND Food Quality Specification _VealPublic SectorRFIMississauga, ON
1532908800July 30, 2018RFSA -Exhibit Design – Parks Canada – NationalPublic SectorRFSACornwall, ON
1532649600July 27, 2018Request for Proposal – Development of Compensation Strategy Tools for SustainabilityPublic SectorRFPON
1532563200July 26, 2018RFP – Anishinabek Nation – Development of Long Term Strategic PlanPublic SectorRFPON
1529971200June 26, 2018DND Food Quality Specification _BeefPublic SectorRFIMississauga, ON
1529971200June 26, 2018DND Food Quality Specification _Butter and MargarinePublic SectorRFIMississauga, ON
1529971200June 26, 2018RFSA -Exhibit Design – Parks Canada – NationalPublic SectorRFSACornwall, ON
1529280000June 18, 2018RFP – Curve Lake Water Treatment System Consulting Engineering ServicesPublic SectorRFPCurve Lake, ON
1527120000May 24, 2018IT Technical Support Services – Request for ProposalsPublic SectorRFPON
1527033600May 23, 2018RFSA -Exhibit Design – Parks Canada – NationalPublic SectorRFSACornwall, ON
1527033600May 23, 2018DND Food Quality Specification _Fresh FruitPublic SectorRFIMississauga, ON
1527033600May 23, 2018Supervise Clinical RotationsPublic SectorNPPGatineau, QC
1525132800May 1, 2018Anishinabek Educational Institute – Updating and Development Of Anishinabek Educational Institute’s Operational GuidelinesPublic SectorRFPON
1523836800April 16, 2018Request for Proposals – Curve Lake First Nation Design BuildPublic SectorRFPON
1523836800April 16, 2018Organizational Services Review RFP: HR, Finance & Communication StrategyPublic SectorRFPThorold, ON
1523491200April 12, 2018Mohawk Council of Akwesasne is Seeking Proposals from Consultants with Expertise in Public Administration, Economics and FinancePublic SectorRFP
1523318400April 10, 2018Electoral Officer TenderPublic SectorRFPON
1523318400April 10, 2018RFP – Métis Nation of Ontario ESC Support and OrientationPublic SectorRFPON
1522627200April 2, 2018CCAB Audited Financial Statement – Auditor Request for ProposalsPublic SectorACAN
1522195200March 28, 2018RFP MNO Youth ProgrammingPublic SectorACAN
1521417600March 19, 2018SA Work on petroleum equipments and storagPublic SectorNPPAvenue d'Estimauville, QC
1521417600March 19, 2018Insurance & Risk ManagementPublic SectorNPPGatineau, QC
1520812800March 12, 2018Request for Proposal First Nations Regional Survey ManagementPublic SectorRFPON
1519689600February 27, 2018Request for Proposal – Event Coordination ServicePublic SectorRFPCAN
1519689600February 27, 2018Request for Proposals – Business Plan ConsultantPublic SectorRFPON
1519603200February 26, 2018RFP – Curve Lake First Nation Elder’s Facility Feasibility StudyPublic SectorRFPON
1519603200February 26, 2018RFP – Review of the Health and Family Services DepartmentPublic SectorRFPON
1518048000February 8, 2018Media MonitoringPublic SectorNPPOttawa, ON
1518048000February 8, 2018Software Licensing Supply ArrangementPublic SectorNPPiyonambaza (SMS div), Ontario
1518048000February 8, 2018Social Media MonitoringPublic SectorNPPOttawa, ON
1516838400January 25, 2018Request for Proposals Testing Remoteness Calculations for First Nations EducationPublic SectorRFPON
1515974400January 15, 2018CFAR Call for Papers Conversational Leadership: These Are Our Stories June 13 and 14,Public SectorRFPCalgary, AB
1515024000January 4, 2018DND Food Quality Spec_PoultryPublic SectorRFICAN

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