Time StampDateTitleSectorTypeRegionPrice
1701561600December 3, 2023RFP: AuditorPublic SectorRFPNorth Bay, ON
1701302400November 30, 2023VIA Railway Infrastructure Maintenance ServicesPublic SectorITTON
1701302400November 30, 2023Request for Proposals: Elevator ContractorPublic SectorRFPBC
1701302400November 30, 2023Multi-year agreement with Canadian Pro DriversPublic SectorACANON
1701302400November 30, 2023RFQ No. 2023-11-29 For the Sale of Scrap MetalPublic SectorRFQON
1701302400November 30, 2023Invitation to Quote – Cooling Tower and Dehumidification Unit InstallationPublic SectorRFQBC
1701302400November 30, 202370706 – Concrete Structure of Mechanical BuildingPublic SectorRFPON
1701302400November 30, 2023BMO Expansion (BMOx) – Miscellaneous Operating Supplies and EquipmentPublic SectorITBAB
1701302400November 30, 2023Request for Quote – Hanging Baskets 2024Public SectorRFQBC
1701302400November 30, 2023Invitation to Tender: Duhamel Water System – Main and Parcel ServicingPublic SectorITTBC
1701302400November 30, 2023Project: tender_18911 – 20 Foot Boat, Motor and Trailer PackagePublic SectorRFPON
1701302400November 30, 2023Request for Proposal for Capital Development Planning StudyPublic SectorRFPON
1701302400November 30, 2023Project: tender_18329 – MAG – Administering a Public Website and Registering Authorized Court TranscriptionistsPublic SectorRFPON
1701302400November 30, 2023Project: tender_18760 – Remote Airports Heavy Equipment TrainingPublic SectorRFPON
1701302400November 30, 2023Request for Proposal #135 Licensed Design Professional Services for Chiller ReplPublic SectorRFPMB
1701302400November 30, 2023College of Dentistry, D329 Lab Renovation (Req. # 401C230112-01)Public SectorRFPMB
1701129600November 28, 2023Washrooms for All, Salles de Bain InclusivesPublic SectorRFPMB
1701129600November 28, 2023P56SN23688 – Provision of Windows Server Core LicensesPublic SectorRFQON
1701129600November 28, 2023Coteau Creek – GSU Fire Wall Extension and Windows ReplacementPublic SectorRFPSK
1701129600November 28, 2023OMA RFP # 27112023A- Provision of Advertising and MarketingPublic SectorRFPON
1701129600November 28, 2023P00136_Brampton Building Envelope RefurbishmentPublic SectorITTON
1701129600November 28, 2023P00136_Brockville Building Envelope RefurbishmentPublic SectorITTON
1701129600November 28, 2023RFP 2023 – 963 IncubateNorth Business Development ContractorPublic SectorRFPYT
1701129600November 28, 2023OMA RFP # 27112023M -Provision of Media Buying ServicesPublic SectorRFPON
1701129600November 28, 2023Dean Finlay Park Playground RedevelopmentPublic SectorRFPMB
1701129600November 28, 2023Supply and Delivery of Satellite Phones and AccessoriesPublic SectorRFQMB
1701129600November 28, 2023Sandy Lake First Nation – Schools and Teacherage RetrofitPublic SectorRFPON
1701129600November 28, 2023Yukon University Polaris Project – Provision for Construction Management ServicePublic SectorRFPQYT
1701129600November 28, 2023Material Move to Reginal Operations and Maintenance CenterPublic SectorRFPSK
1701129600November 28, 2023Acquisition of a Forklift with an adjustable wheelbasePublic SectorRFPQC
1701129600November 28, 2023202309006_CPS650_Gare du Palais_Phase 2Public SectorITTQC
1701043200November 27, 2023CON#442 Compost Facility Mixer and Conveyor RFQPublic SectorRFQBC
1701043200November 27, 2023CON #441 Compost Facility Aeration System Controller & Temperature Monitoring SystemPublic SectorRFQBC
1701043200November 27, 2023A819-03TENDER: RH Park Centre and Rotunda DemolitionPublic SectorITTBC
1701043200November 27, 2023Install Guardrail on Loading Dock Edge Safety Barriers/RailingsPublic SectorITBCanada
1701043200November 27, 2023Project: tender_18945 – Cisco Smartnet SupportPublic SectorRFPOntario
1701043200November 27, 2023Provision of Maintenance Services for the BSG, HQ & Stephenville AreaPublic SectorRFPNL
1701043200November 27, 20232023-RPF-27 Emergency Operations Centre and Emergency Support Services Consulting ServicesPublic SectorRFPBC
1701043200November 27, 2023Project: tender_18868 – Supply and delivery of one particulate matter analyzerPublic SectorRFPOntario
1701043200November 27, 2023Project: tender_18915 – Supply and delivery of a travel trailerPublic SectorRFPOntario
1701043200November 27, 2023NOI2023-12-04_GL Wand License Purchase and Annual Support RenewalPublic SectorNOIBC
1700784000November 24, 2023Request for proposals for External Audit ServicesPublic SectorRFPON
1700784000November 24, 2023Strategic Government Engagement PlanningPublic SectorRFPAB
1700697600November 23, 2023Supply and Installation of Privacy CurtainsPublic SectorRFQON
1700697600November 23, 2023Translation Services (English/French)Public SectorRFPCanada
1700697600November 23, 2023IBM Passport Advantage Support RenewalPublic SectorRFQON
1700697600November 23, 2023Tractor Truck Hydraulic System UpgradePublic SectorRFQNL
1700697600November 23, 2023ITT #23-390-1 Kenora Operations Centre RenovationPublic SectorITTON
1700697600November 23, 2023RFT – Black Start ImplementationPublic SectorITTON
1700697600November 23, 2023Prefabricated Home – W.A. RanchesPublic SectorRFPAB
1700697600November 23, 2023RFAP for Geotechnical Consulting Services for Locations in the Ontario RegionPublic SectorNPPON
1700697600November 23, 2023Vendor of Record – Overhead Doors & Dock Levelers Maintenance and RepairPublic SectorRFPON
1700697600November 23, 2023APN_ Strategic Tanker Transport Capability Project, Trenton, OntarioPublic SectorEstimateON
1700697600November 23, 2023Thousand Islands Bridge 2024 Rehabilitation, Thousand Islands BridgePublic SectorITTON
1700697600November 23, 2023RFAP for Commissioning ServicesPublic SectorNPPON
1700697600November 23, 2023Crescent Ave West Slope RemediationPublic SectorITTMB
1700697600November 23, 2023Supply and Delivery of Uniform FootwearPublic SectorITTMB
1700697600November 23, 2023Kicking Horse River Dike ImprovementsPublic SectorITBBC
1700611200November 22, 2023Notice of Change – Future Posting of OpportunitiesPublic SectorRFPToronto, ON
1700611200November 22, 2023Kelsey Sluiceway Service Building Fire Suppression System Upgrade Project (ElectPublic SectorRFSAManitoba
1700611200November 22, 2023Design, Supply and Delivery of Direct Current – Current Transformers – Bipole 1Public SectorRFPWinnipeg, MB
1700611200November 22, 2023The Supply and Installation of an IP (Internet Protocol) Paging SolutionPublic SectorRFPManitoba
1700611200November 22, 2023RQQ-2023-ENGB-782: Vendor of Record For the Provision of Signals EngineeringPublic SectorRFQSouthern, ON
1700611200November 22, 2023Asset Liability Management (ALM) SystemPublic SectorRFPCanada
1700611200November 22, 2023Balcony Study – Sutherland PlacePublic SectorRFPOntario
1700611200November 22, 2023Financial Aid SolutionPublic SectorRFPBC
1700611200November 22, 2023Request for Bids for the Supply of Right Track Shoe for LflrvPublic SectorRFPON
1700611200November 22, 2023RFP2023-12-14 POS and POR Hardware and PeripheralsPublic SectorRFPBC
1700611200November 22, 2023RFP for Financial Audit ServicesPublic SectorRFPBC
1700611200November 22, 2023BID PUR24-166-002 Boundary Park (Site 144) – Boiler UpgradePublic SectorITTBC
1700524800November 21, 2023Request for Pre-Qualification for Fairness Monitoring ServicesPublic SectorRFPQMB
1700524800November 21, 2023Ashtonbee Air Handling Units Control UpgradePublic SectorITTON
1700524800November 21, 2023ISO Storage and Transportation ContainersPublic SectorITTON
1700524800November 21, 2023Operations, Maintenance and Asset Management Services for 3 Solar FacilitiesPublic SectorRFSONS
1700524800November 21, 2023BWDSB Grey Highlands SS and Normanby CS Prime Electrical Contractor Prequal.Public SectorRFQON
1700524800November 21, 2023OMA RFP# 20112023 Provision of equipment for the mailroomPublic SectorRFPON
1700524800November 21, 2023RFP for Insurance ServicesPublic SectorRFPON
1700524800November 21, 2023Poplar River Power Station Ambient Air Monitoring ContractPublic SectorRFPSK
1700524800November 21, 2023Alumni Small Business InsurancePublic SectorRFPAB
1700438400November 20, 2023Access Fort Garry Mental Health GreenspacePublic SectorRFPWinnipeg, MB
1700438400November 20, 2023Supply and Delivery of Portable Carbon Monoxide DetectorsPublic SectorRFSOWinnipeg, MB
1700438400November 20, 2023Earp Residence Access Control and Door ReplacementPublic SectorRFPHamilton, ON
1700438400November 20, 2023Assorted Furniture ComponentsPublic SectorRFQWinnipeg, MB
1700438400November 20, 2023Request for Quotation, Workstation ReplacementsPublic SectorRFQBC
1700352000November 19, 2023Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation Algonquin Foods Program.Public SectorRFPAlgonquin Traditional Territory Near Nuclear Facilities. Chalk River, Rolphton, ON$55,300
1700006400November 15, 2023Fire Suppression and Monitoring Systems – SuffieldPublic SectorITBAB
1700006400November 15, 2023RFP_Office_Under Custody Shredding and PPE Destruction_2023Public SectorRFPCanada
1700006400November 15, 2023OPL/CS/Supply and Deliver RFID Tags to OPLPublic SectorRFPON
1700006400November 15, 2023Bring Your Own DevicePublic SectorRFPSK
1700006400November 15, 2023Development of Written Tests of Knowledge in 9 Fields of Practice – Medical LabPublic SectorRFPCanada
1700006400November 15, 2023Development of an Online Tool for Written Assessments of Medical Laboratory TechPublic SectorRFPCanada
1700006400November 15, 2023BDPS Valve, Ball,3″ Valvtechnologies SupplyPublic SectorRFQSK
1700006400November 15, 2023Data Management, AI, and RPA RFI #10132023Public SectorRFION
1700006400November 15, 2023Executive Search Services for the Position of President and Vice-ChancellorPublic SectorRFPON
1700006400November 15, 2023Bridge Rehabilitation – Western Region -Route 1 & 480Public SectorITTNL
1699920000November 14, 2023Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) SystemsPublic SectorITBAB
1699920000November 14, 2023Legal Survey 1-21 Marshall Court, Stephenville, NLPublic SectorRFQNL
1699920000November 14, 2023Purchase of Wireless Intercom SystemsPublic SectorITTQC
1699920000November 14, 2023Fortinet Networking EquipmentPublic SectorRFQNL
1699920000November 14, 20232023 New Westminster Esplanade ReconstructionPublic SectorITTBC
1699920000November 14, 2023Rfp 23-144 – Environmental Consulting Services – Rock BayPublic SectorRFPBC
1699920000November 14, 2023R23-06 Cowichan Valley Trail Agira Culvert Washout RepairPublic SectorRFQBC
1699920000November 14, 2023PHSA 12976 Contract Lifecycle Management SolutionPublic SectorRFPBC
1699920000November 14, 2023RFQ23-24VPO Pre-Qualification for Construction Management At Risk Services for Prince Rupert Middle School, Seismic ReplacementPublic SectorRFQBC
1699920000November 14, 2023Modular Project Management ServicesPublic SectorRFPBC
1699920000November 14, 2023Project: tender_18859 – Supply & Delivery of Three (3)Turbomolecular Pumps for ACSMs in the AQHI networkPublic SectorITBON
1699920000November 14, 2023Project: tender_18930 – Financial Management solution to streamline and standardize the healthcare resource allocation process across regionsPublic SectorITBON
1699920000November 14, 2023Project: tender_18932 – Hospital Donation PhysicianPublic SectorEOION
1699920000November 14, 2023Project: tender_18933 – Hemodialysis Equipment, Portable Reverse Osmosis Systems, Consumables, Concentrates and ServicesPublic SectorRFPON
1699920000November 14, 2023Integrated LiDAR and Optical Drone SystemPublic SectorACANON
1699920000November 14, 2023Selkirk Betel Personal Care Home – AHU Replacements and Lift Station UpgradesPublic SectorITBMB
1699920000November 14, 2023Shoal Lake Personal Care Home Fire Alarm RepairsPublic SectorITBMB
1699920000November 14, 2023Sandy Lake Personal Care Home & Sherwood Personal Care Home Fire Alarm RepairsPublic SectorITBMB
1699920000November 14, 2023Ed-135-21 Furniture for Grad Student Commons, Level 4Public SectorITTNL
1699488000November 9, 2023Strategic Planning ConsultantPublic SectorRFPON
1699488000November 9, 2023Law Template Creation ServicesPublic SectorRFPON
1699401600November 8, 2023PL25TDF001 – Spring Tree Planting in the Fort St. John AreaPublic SectorITTBC
1699401600November 8, 2023City of Abbotsford – Firehalls Lighting UpgradesPublic SectorRFPBC
1699401600November 8, 2023Eastern Ontario Campus (EOC) – Building B26 Pre-qualification Package 007Public SectorRFPQON
1699315200November 7, 20233395- RFB – Supply and Deliver Vinyls and FoilsPublic SectorITBBC
1699315200November 7, 2023RFSQ 23-154 – Request for Supplier Qualifications For Upfitting of Municipal VehiclesPublic SectorRFSQBC
1699315200November 7, 2023Project Management Services for Protective Services Building ProjectPublic SectorRFPBC
1699315200November 7, 20232024NRFP-09 Employee and Family Assistance ProgramPublic SectorRFPBC
1699315200November 7, 2023E172-00RFP Lions Gate Hospital Angiography Equipment ReplacementPublic SectorRFPBC
1699315200November 7, 2023Strategic Planning ServicesPublic SectorRFPBC
1699315200November 7, 2023Request for Bids for the Mobile Electric Flash Butt Welding Bid No. T58bk23730Public SectorITBON
1699315200November 7, 2023IWSD/IS/DCFB Lemieux Island Water Purification Plant Water Conduits RepairsPublic SectorRFPON
1699315200November 7, 2023RFT – Campus Wide UV-C Filtration Program – Athletics BuildingsPublic SectorRFPON
1699315200November 7, 2023Outline Agreement for Gas and Electric Meters, Transformers and PartsPublic SectorRFPMB
1699315200November 7, 2023Ronald McDonald House Charities – Design ContractPublic SectorRFPSK
1699315200November 7, 2023Renewal of Autodesk Software Suite SubscriptionsPublic SectorRFSOMB
1699228800November 6, 2023Request for Proposal – Management Competency Training ProgramPublic SectorRFPFort William First Nation, ON
1699142400November 5, 2023CLFN School DemographicsPublic SectorRFPCurve Lake, ON
1698883200November 2, 2023CLFN Propane Heating ServicesPublic SectorRFPCurve Lake, ON
1698883200November 2, 2023Procurement Consultant – Multi Use List Request for QualificationsPublic SectorRFQBC
1698883200November 2, 2023PR and Communications services Vendor of Record (VOR)Public SectorRFPON
1698883200November 2, 2023Project: tender_18468 – 33 Rope Rescue KitsPublic SectorRFPON
1698883200November 2, 2023Project: tender_18858 – Telecom System for Goods, Services & MaintenancePublic SectorRFPON
1698883200November 2, 2023Managed IT servicesPublic SectorRFPON
1698883200November 2, 2023Custodial Services at IAHS BuildingPublic SectorRFSQON
1698883200November 2, 2023AI Computing and StoragePublic SectorRFPON
1698796800November 1, 2023CFI 40151-14a-RFP e-beam lithography system “Notice of Intent”.Public SectorNPPON
1698710400October 31, 2023Land AmbulancesPublic SectorRFQON
1698710400October 31, 2023Recommissioning of existing HVAC systemsPublic SectorRFPQC
1698710400October 31, 2023Program Content Development – Anishinaabe School of EducationPublic SectorRFPON
1698710400October 31, 2023Provision of Janitorial Services within the Greater Winnipeg AreaPublic SectorRFPMB
1698624000October 30, 2023North Okanagan Wastewater Recovery Project – Collections RFPPublic SectorRFPBC
1698537600October 29, 2023RFP for Mental Health and Addictions Educational Resources for First Nations Families and YouthPublic SectorRFPThunder Bay, ON
1698278400October 26, 2023Video Lottery Terminals – SaskatchewanPublic SectorRFQSK
1698105600October 24, 2023Unmanned Drones With Infrared Imaging Sensors for Wildlife SurveysPublic SectorRFQMB
1698105600October 24, 2023Supply and Delivery of Body ScannerPublic SectorRFQMB
1698105600October 24, 2023Helium Recovery & Liquefaction SystemPublic SectorRFPON
1697673600October 19, 2023RFP for Water and Wastewater Services – Village of Merrickville-WolfordPublic SectorRFPON
1697587200October 18, 2023Implementation of the brand strategy for the OLP-PLOPublic SectorRFPON
1697500800October 17, 2023HIROC Actuarial Services RFPPublic SectorRFPON
1697500800October 17, 2023GRH RFSQ #23-037 General ContractorPublic SectorRFSOON
1696723200October 8, 20233D Hanging Artwork for New Mental Health and Addictions Facility AtriumPublic SectorRFPNL
1696377600October 4, 2023Proposal Submission – Indigenous Youth Healing Lodge Training ModulesPublic SectorRFPOntario
1696204800October 2, 2023RFQ – Rim Brush Clearing – Three Sections in Halifax CountyPublic SectorRFQNS
1695945600September 29, 2023Project: tender_18565 – MINES – Passive Ammonium Stripping at the former Timminco Mine SitePublic SectorRFPON
1694908800September 17, 2023The City of Toronto is seeking a Canadian, Indigenous-led operator for the Indigenous Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (ICIE)Public SectorRFPToronto, ON
1688342400July 3, 2023RFP – Algonquin Knowledge and Land-use StudyPublic SectorRFPOntario Please request full RFP for more details
1680393600April 2, 2023Food Services / Services alimentairesPublic SectorRFPNational Capital RegionTBD
1633996800October 12, 2021Office Design ServicesPublic SectorRFPOttawa, ON

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